Poster session (all topics)
Thursday, 10th of December 2015

Main Entrance Hall



P01: “In-situ integrated fabrication of Ni625 alloy with thermal barrier coatings using hot isostatic pressing” by Bo Song

P02: “Characterization of duplex coating system (HVOF + PVD) on light alloy substrates” by J.A. Picas

P03: “Protective coatings of antimicrobial properties produced by plasma spraying technique” by Adriana Wrona

P04: “Numerical and experimental analysis of molten pool shape and residual stresses during laser post-remelting of NiCrBSi coatings” by Jiangwei Liu

P05: “Molybdenum and molybdenum-rhenium coatings produced by plasma spraying technique in terms of the applications in the glass industry” by M. Osadnik

P06: “Long tribological test of WC-Co-Cr coatings sprayed at supersonic velocities using ultra fine grain powders < 10 μm” by A. Iwaniak

P07: “Characterization of molybdenum/aluminium multilayer coatings on low alloyed industrial steel E335” by F. Ahnia

P08: “Microstructure characterization and modeling the mechanical behaviour of HVOF sprayed WC–CoCr coatings” by Yazid Fizi

P09: “Experimental and numerical investigation of mechanical and erosion behaviour of Ni-graphite abradable coating” by Yazid Fizi

P10: “Finite element simulation of impacting behavior of particles in cold spraying by the lagrangian and SPH method” by Yazid Fizi

P11: “Microstructural study of plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings” by R. Belka

P12: “Numerical modeling of non-equilibrium solidification of a high velocity molten droplet impacting on a substrate” by Rajesh Kumar Shukla

P13: “Thin coatings by plasma spraying on thin substrates” by Helene Ageorges

P14: “Studies into production of spherical powders of high-melting metals and alloys by plasma spraying technique” by Marcin Lis

P15: “Numerical study of deposition process of aluminium particles on PA6 substrate with cold spray method” by Aleksandra Małachowska

P16: “Development of metal matrix composite coatings reinforced by cermet inclusions for dry friction applications by laser cladding” by M. Smurov

P17: “Decomposition process of RE2Zr2O7/8YSZ thermal barrier coatings in molten deposit of Na2SO4 salt” by G. Moskal

P18: “Durability of thermally sprayed protective coatings operating under corrosive, erosive and abrasive conditions” by G. Moskal

P19: “Investigation on the process parameter- and scaling effects while thermal spraying of conventional, fine and nanostructured WC-12Co powders” by W. Tillmann

P20: “Morphological characterization of pack siliconized Mo and Mo-Re plasma sprayed coatings” by D. Niemiec

P21: “Possibility of EBSD method application to characterization of thermal barrier coatings” by M. Sozańska

P22: “Hypo-eutectoid NiTi alloy manufactured by CGDS powder mix deposition and heat treatment” by Vit Jan

P23: “Effect of laser remelting on microstructure and mechanical properties of cold sprayed Al-Si alloys made from elemental mixtures” by Nan Kang

P24: “STEM and EBSD characterization of NiCrAlY coatings obtained by plasma spraying” by M. Stopyra

P25: “Diagnostics of laser remelting of HVOF sprayed stellite coatings using infrared camera” by Marek Vostřák

P26: “Fe Corrosion Behaviour of Arc Spraying” by Wang Yanfang

P27: “ITO films deposited by magnetron sputtering with composite Sn+ In2O3 targets coated by low-pressure cold spraying method” by M. Winnicki

P28: “Some preliminary questions in the modeling of plasma spraying under very low pressure conditions” by Tao Zhang

P29: “Sintering additives effect during reactive plasma spraying of AlN coatings” by Mohammed Shahien

P30: “Characterization and kinetics of plasma paste borided AISI 316 steel” by R. Chegroune

P31: “Corrosion behavior of high-chromium Fe-based coatings produced by HVAF thermal spraying technique” by E. Sadeghimeresht

P32: “Microstructural Investigation of Suspension HVOF Thermal Sprayed Anatase TiO2” by Bo Song

P33: “An alternative ceramic coating material for APS applications (Part II): Comparative analysis of dry sliding wear performance of FeCr slag coating with commercial Cr2O3 and Al2O3 – 13 TiO2 coatings” by Y. Küçük

P34: “Corrosion resistance of plasma sprayed multilayer coatings based on ZrO2-8%Y2O3 in the conditions of exposure to molten zinc” by A. Iwaniak

P35: “Effect of ZrO2-SiO2-Al2O3 Nanocrystalline Thermal Barrier Coating on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Cast Superalloy Inconel 713LC at 900 °C” by I. Sulak

P36: “Optimization of suspension injection into the WSP-H plasma jet using shadowgraphy” by J. Medricky

P37: “Corrosion behavior of HVAF- and HVOF-sprayed high-chromium Fe-based coatings” by E. Sadeghimeresht

P38: “Use of wavelet transform to the analysis of overlapped signals: Application in thermal sprayed coating ultrasonic characterization”, by S. Laddada

P39: “Nitriding Species Effect on the Particle Behavior and AlN Coating Properties” by M. M. Shahien

P40: “Microstructure and thermal conductivity characteristics of Sm2Zr2O7+8YSZ type TBCs” by B. Witala

P41: “Degradation of the La2Zr2O7 and La2Zr2O7/8YSZ DLC TBC systems during static oxidation test” by B. Witala

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