Poster session (all topics)
Thursday, 7th of December 2017

Main Entrance Hall


P01: “The influence of cold spray process on the polymer structure” by Aleksandra Małachowska

P02: “Analysis of depth of remelting during laser remelting of thermally sprayed coatings using an infrared camera” by Milan Honner

P03: “APS deposition of Hydroxyapatite targets for use in PAPVD coating of orthopaedic components” by Daniela Jaramillo

P04: “Modelling of phenomena occurring in plasma jet during solution precursor plasma spraying of yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings” by P. Carpio

P05: “The application of ultrasonic waves to support suspension injection in Suspension Plasma Spray process” by Paweł Sokołowski

P06: “The influence of suspension properties on Suspension Plasma Spray process efficiency, stability and repeatability” by Paweł Sokołowski

P07: “Influence of the preparation route of zirconia yttria powder on the behavior in SPS” by Sandrine Lucas

P08: “Influence of powder feedstock preparation on nano-TiC added WC-Co coatings” by Hanna Myalska

P09: “Effect of yttria-stabilized zirconia content on mechanical and biological properties of bioactive glass coatings manufactured by thermal spraying” by O. Rojas

P10: “Influence of bond coat treatment on lifetime in suspension plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings” by Nicolaie Markocsan

P11: “Effect of Composition and Microstructure on the Erosion behavior of Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings” by Satyapal Mahade

P12: “A study of high temperature frictional behaviour of Ti(Al,O)/ Al2O3 composite coating” by Asma Salman

P13: “Industrial trials of a Ti(Al,O)/Al2O3 composite coating on a dummy block used in aluminium extrusion” by Asma Salman

P14: “Comparison of erosion characteristics of HVOF sprayed nano-Cr3C2-NiCr coatings for High Temperature Applications” by Rohit Upadhyaya

P15: “Investigation of Tribological Properties and characterization of AISI 301 and AISI 420 stainless steels coatings” by Rassim Younes

P16: “Solution precursor plasma spraying of ZnO nano-structured coatings for gas sensor applications” by R. Candidato

P17: “Microstructural study of suspension plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings” by S. Kowalski

P18: “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Cr3C2-Ni20Cr Coatings” by A. Goral

P19: “Microstructural characterization and insulation properties of the different DCL TBC`s systems based on Sm2Zr2O7 and 8YSZ” by Sebastian Jucha

P20: “Corrosion mechanism of HVOF thermal sprayed WC-CoCr coatings in acidic chloride media” by J.A. Picas

P21: “The influence of yttrium on oxidation resistance of new Co-(Ni)-Al-W superalloys dedicated to bond-coat deposition” by Damian Migas

P22: “Breakdown of the continuum approach in Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition plasma flow model” by Gilles Mariaux

P23: “Biocompatible Coatings for Medical Devices Using Plasma Spraying” by C. Demian

P24: “Deposition of environmentally friendly WC based cermets coatings by thermal spray techniques” by M. Bazyaran

P25: “Investigation of micro-arc oxidation treatment on selective laser melting Ti6Al4V surfaces” by Xingchen Yan

P26: “Field electron emission experiments with cold sprayed Cu-SiC cermet coatings” by M. Winnicki

P27: “Tests of tribological properties of HVOF-sprayed WCCoCr carbide coatings of ultra-fine powders with a view to applying them to sliding rings of mechanical seals” by A. Iwaniak

P28: “The influence of feedstock powders on microstructure and basic properties of NiCr-Cr3C2 coatings” by K. Szymański

P29: “Microstructural characterization of additive manufactured NiCrAlY coating” by G. Moskal

P30: “The influence of stand-off distance on columnar microstructure formation with high-enthalpy WSP-H plasma torch” by T. Tesar

P31: “Numerical study of deposition process of metal particles on PA6 substrate with cold spray method” by A. Małachowska

P32: “Distribution of temperature and stresses in the function of internal morphology of TBC systems based on lanthanum zirconate” by A. Jasik

P33: “Comparison of Microstructure and Oxidation Behavior of CoNiCrAlY Coatings Produced by APS, SAPS, D-Gun, HVOF and CGDS Techniques” by Yasin Ozgurluk

P34: “Hydroxyapatite coatings manufactured by oxyacetylene spraying process from three different flames for their use in biomedical applications” by H. Copete

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