Formation on thermal spraying

Formation during a first day of 5RIPT on 7 December 2011

Managed by European Thermal Spray Association

Responsible: Lech Pawlowski and Hélène Ageorges

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The formation on thermal spraying is cancelled due to a small number of participants.

  Start   End   Lecturer(s)   Title
  Morning Session: Introduction to thermal spraying
  8h00   8h15   Pierre Fauchais,
  Lech Pawlowski
  Welcome words
  8h15   9h00   Helene Ageorges   Introduction to thermal spraying, materials for spraying and substrate preparation
  9h00   9h45   Jean-François Coudert   D.c. plasma torches and their characteristics
  9h45   10h05   Coffee break
  10h05   10h50   Igor Smurov   Combustion and cold gas spray torches
  10h50   11h35   Pierre Fauchais,
  Erick Meillot
  Injection of powder and interaction of powders with high energy jets or hot gas at spraying
  11h35   12h20   David Damiani   Optical diagnostics of high energy jets and particles
  12h20   14h00   Lunch time
  Afternoon Session: Properties and applications of coatings
  14h00   14h45   Lech Pawlowski,
  Raed Arab
  Build up and growth of thermally sprayed coatings
  14h45   15h30   Didier Chicot   Mechanical characterization of coatings
  15h30   16h15   Luca Lusvarghi   Corrosion resistance of coatings in aqueous and physiological liquids
  16h15   16h30   Coffee break
  16h30   17h15   Claude Thomas   Industrial application of thermal spray
  17h15   18h00   Pierre Fauchais   Economical aspects of thermal spray coatings
  18h00   18h45   Vincent Debout   Applications of thermal spray coatings in aerospace industry

Cost of formation: 750 € (full), 500 € (student)

SPCTS, Centre Européen de la Céramique
12 rue Atlantis
Tel. (+33) 587 50 24 12
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