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  8h00 – 8h30   Welcome coffee at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
  8h30   Plenary lecture: Prof. Pierre Fauchais,
  Evolution, from the seventies to now of the understanding of plasma spraying at the University of Limoges

Amphitheater 4
Mechanical properties — session 3
Chairman: Enrique Sánchez
  9h00   Tribological Properties of Thermal Spray Coatings.
  Dr. Luca Lusvarghi University of Modena (Italy)
  9h30   Tribo-corrosion behaviour of chromium carbide based coatings deposited by HVOF.
  R. Pileggi
  9h50   Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured and Conventional Alumina-Titania Coatings.
  Wojciech Zorawski
  10h10   Understanding the mechanisms produced during rotary drilling test of ceramic thermal spray coatings: An alternative to determine the mechanical resistance of these coatings.
  Fabio Vargas

Amphitheater 3
Coatings properties — session 3
Chairman: Per Nylen
  9h00   Suspension Plasma Spraying to reach enhanced coating properties.
  Dr. Luc BianchiCEA (France)
  9h30   The effect of samarium oxide on electrical conductivity of plasma sprayed SOFC anode.
  S.N. Panahi
  9h50   Optical properties of Al/Al2O3 cermets obtained by plasma spraying: role of composition and microstructure.
  Denis Toru
  10h10   Effect of material combination of matrix and reinforcement on characterization of cold sprayed composite coatings.
  Min Yu

Salle TD 3
Modelling — session 3
Chairman: Giovanni Bolelli
  9h00   Process prediction / control implementing artificial intelligence methods and numerical modeling, in particular for robot trajectories.
  Prof. Ghislain MontavonUniversity of Belfort Montbéliard (France)
  9h30   Numerical simulation of several YSZ impacts on a stainless steel substrate under ArH2 plasma spray conditions.
  Frédéric Sarret
Spray process — session 4
Chairman: Robert Vassen
  9h50   The Influence of Substrate Temperature on Properties of APS and VPS W Coatings.
  Ondrej Kovářík
  10h10   Correlation of Powder Feeding Parameters and Properties of Plasma Sprayed Alumina Coatings Evaluated With a New Camera Diagnostic System.
  Ville Matikainen

  10h50 – 11h10   Coffee break at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
Nanotechnology — session 2
Chairman: Alain Denoirjean
  11h10   Thermal spraying with Suspensions – combining technical Performance and Economics.
  Dr. Michael Berger Fraunhofer Institute (Germany)
  11h40   A dimensionless approach to studying submicron particle impact.
  Guillaume Bidron
  12h00   Graded Nanocomposite Ceramic Coatings fabricated from conventional coarse grained powder.
  Tomas Chraska
12h20   Zirconium field electron emitters on template from suspension plasma sprayed bioactive glass coatings with acicular microstructures.
  Zbigniew Znamirowski

Amphitheater 3
Coatings properties — session 4
Chairman: Mario Tului
  11h10   In-situ Monitoring of Cracking in Ceramic Coatings during Plasma Spraying by Using AE Signals.
  Prof. Seiji Kuroda / Dr. Kaita Ito NIMS / University of Tokyo (Japan)
  11h40   Effect of the initial particles size distribution on the properties of suspension plasma sprayed Al2O3-TiO2 coatings.
  Mónica Vicent
  12h00   On the search for producing intermetallics by diffusion reaction of cold spray bulk deposits.
  Jan Vit
  12h20   Detailed Microstructural Characterization of HPCS Ni and NiCu Coatings.
  Heli Koivuluoto
  12h40   Numerical and experimental analysis of copper particles velocity in low pressure cold spraying process.
  Aleksandra Malachowska

Salle TD 3
Spray process — session 5
Chairman: Hanlin Liao
  11h10   Optimization of WC-based HVAF-sprayed Coatings for Alternative to Electrolytic Hard Chromium: Respective Role of Binder and Carbides Grain Size on Coating Wear and Corrosion Properties.
  Christophe Lyphout
  11h40   Thermal kinetics in slag flame spraying for making hollow vitreous and semicrystalline microspheres.
  Thierry Poirier
  12h00   Influence of the Handling Parameters on the Formation of Residual Stresses During HVOF-Spraying of Fine WC-12Co Powders.
  Peter Hollingsworth
  12h20   Deposition of NiCrBSi coatings by atmospheric plasma spray and dry-ice blasting: microstructure and wear resistance.
  Shujuan Dong

  13h00 – 15h00   LUNCH in the Forum in “La Coupole” building of ESTER Technopole
  End of 6th RIPT
ESTER Forum Dinner

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