Program of the 8th RIPT in Limoges, France – Day 2
Thursday, 7th of December 2017

Amphitheatre #4

08h00: Welcome words

from the 8RIPT Chairmen (Pawłowski, Vassen), University of Limoges (Pierre-Marie Preux, Agnès Smith), and SPCTS laboratory (Corinne Champeaux and Philippe Thomas)

08h30: Plenary lecture by Thomas KLASSEN

“Cold Spraying for Additive Manufacturing and Repair”

Amphiteatre #3

Spray process – session 1

Chairman: Christopher Berndt

09h00: “Replacing critical materials in thermal spray coatings – current status, research trends and challenges”

by Giovanni Bolelli (invited)

09h30: “The effect of feedstock powder treatment/processing on the microstructure, quality and performance of thermally sprayed titanium based composite coating”

by Salman Asma

09h50: “Materials and Processing Factors Influencing Stress Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Plasma Sprayed Coatings”

by Jiri Matejicek (invited)

Amphitheatre #4

Cold spray – session 1

Chairman: Chaoyue Chen

09h00: “Deposition efficiency prediction via machine learning in Cold Spray”

by Horacio Canales (invited)

09h30: “Cu-W functionally graded material by cold spray for plasma facing components”

by Aurelie Quet

09h50: “Residual stresses in cold spray coatings by in-situ curvature measurements”

by Raphaelle Bernardie

10h10: “The possibility of TiO2 nanopowder deposition onto metallic substrate by low pressure cold spraying”

by M. Winnicki

Room TD #3

Solution & suspension spraying – session 1

Chairman: Enrique Sanchez

09h00: “HVOF Spraying of Suspensions and Solution Precursors”

by Andreas Killinger (invited)

09h30: “Influence of HVSPFS hardware components on Titanium dioxide coatings”

by M. Blum

09h50: “Influence of suspension properties on HVSFS oxide-carbide ceramic coatings”

by Andreas Förg

10h10: “Novel function-dependent coating architectures and superior performance through powder-suspension hybrid spraying”

by N. Markocsan (invited)

Room TD #4

Characterisation of coatings – session 1

Chairman: Catalin Constantinescu

09h00: “Microstructural defects in thermally sprayed coatings – their origin, causes, influences and methods for their prevention”

by Petri Vuoristo (invited)

09h30: “Laser cladding of Fe-Cu metal matrix composites reinforced by cermet inclusions for dry friction applications at ambient and elevated temperatures”

by Igor Smurov

09h50: “Solution Precursor Plasma Spray, Challenges of Porous vs. Dense Coatings”

by Eric JORDAN (invited)

10h20: “The Effect of Complex Geometrical Variations within the Spray Footprint on Thermal Barrier Coating Properties”

by Christopher Berndt

Coffee break

10h40 – 11h20: Coffee break, Entry Hall, lower level

Amphitheatre #3

Spray process – session 2

Chairman: Giovanni Bolelli

11h20: “Investigation of porosity in suspension plasma sprayed YSZ coatings by use of NMR cryoporometry and X-ray microscopy”

by Uta Klement (invited)

11h50: “Microstructural features and phase compositions of APS-sprayed coatings of the Al2O3-TiO2 system”

by L. Berger

Amphitheatre #4

Cold spray – session 2

Chairman: Sergi Dosta

11h20: “Cold Gas Spraying of Titanium Aluminide (TiAl) Alloys for Jet Engine Applications”

by Emine Bakan (invited)

11h50: “Study the effects of post-spray heat treatment on nano-structured cermet Ti-WC coatings obtained by high pressure cold spray process”

by Gobinda Saha

Room TD #3

Solution & suspension spraying – session 2

Chairman: Andreas Killinger

11h20: “Suspension plasma spraying to obtain bioactive glass coatings. Post-deposition treatment needed?”

by Enrique Sanchez (invited)

11h50: “Effects of solution concentration and spraying parameters on thermal barrier coatings obtained by SPPS process”

by Pablo Carpio

12h10: “Biocompatible Coatings by Axial Suspension Plasma Spraying”

by Nicolaie Markocsan

12h30: “Comparison of selected mechanical properties of plasma sprayed coatings made by APS and SPS”

by L. Latka (invited)

Room TD #4

Characterisation of coatings – session 2

Chairman: Radek Musalek

11h20: “Stellite 6 hardfacing coatings applied by HVOF and GMAW hot wire cladding: microstructure features influencing the wear and corrosion performance”

by Carlos Lima (invited)

11h50: “Microstructural Investigation and characterization of HVOLF thermal spray in narrow and complex area”

by Rohit Upadhyaya

12h10: “Mechanical properties of alumina-zirconia-silica ceramic coatings after surface heat treatment”

by Jan Medricky

12h30: “A methodology to investigate mechanical properties of metallic substrate coated by ceramic”

by Vincent Maurel (invited)


13h00 – 15h00: LUNCH at ENSIL-ENSCI Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Limoges

 Click to enlarge photo of 7th RIPT lunch

Amphitheatre #4

15h00: Opening – afternoon sessions

Plenary lecture by Christopher C. Berndt

“Challenges for Thermal Spray: What do we do next?”

Amphitheatre #3

Spray process – session 3

Chairman: Petri Vuoristo

15h30: “Assessment of interface strength and mechanical behaviour of various ceramic coatings involving laser shock experiments”

by Vincent Guipont (invited)

16h00: “Ultrasonic Cavitation Erosion of Vacuum Plasma sprayed Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings”

by Yan Wang

16h20: “Cavitation erosion and corrosion behavior of HVOF/HVAF sprayed WC-based coatings”

by I. Hulka

16h40: “Suspension detonation spraying”

by A. Shtertser

17h00: “Non-contact residual stress analysis method in the nanometric range by laser made hole drilling and SLM based beam conditioning on ceramic coatings”

by V. Martínez-García

17h20: “A Comparative Study of the Oxidation Kinetics and Thermal Insulation Properties of Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs)”

by Abdullah Cahit Karaoglanli

Amphitheatre #4

Cold spray – session 3

Chairwoman: Emine Bakan

15h30: “On the heat coating build-up and heat accumulation in cold spray process”

by Chaoyue Chen (invited)

16h00: “Tribological and high-temperature mechanical characterization of cold sprayed Stellite coatings”

by Lidia Baiamonte

16h20: “Fatigue crack propagation in cantilever bending of cold sprayed metallic coatings”

by Jan Cizek

16h40: “Influence of machining and ball-burnishing on microstructure and residual stress distribution of stainless steel coatings produced by cold spray and laser cladding”

by Cedric Courbon

17h00: “Preparation and characterization of Ni-coated Fe-Si-Al soft magnetic composites via cold spraying”

by Xinliang Xie

Room TD #3

Solution & suspension spraying – session 3

Chairman: Leszek Łatka

15h30: “Development of metal oxides semiconductors films via SPPS for functional applications”

by Hanlin Liao (invited)

16h00: “TBCs of New Compositon Subjected to Icelandic Volcanic Ash: Processing, Testing and Characterization”

by Satyapal Mahade

16h20: “Development of coatings with a arc DC plasma torch in pulsed mode with current modulation, synchronized with an inkjet drop-on-demand nozzle”

by Fabrice Mavier

16h40: “Effect of feedstock and thermal spraying variables on the performance of solution precursor plasma sprayed bio-active glass coatings”

by Eugeni Cañas

17h00: “Phase Transformations and Post-Spray Heat Treatment of a Suspension High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (SHVOF) Sprayed Delta-Theta Alumina Suspension”

by T. Owoseni

17h20: “Suspension Flame Sprayed Metal Doped Calcium Phosphate Coatings with Antibacterial Properties for Infection Prophylaxis”

by Andreas Killinger

Room TD #4

Characterisation of coatings – session 3

Chairman: Carlos Lima

15h30: “Characterizing the micro-impact fatigue behaviour of APS and HVOF-sprayed ceramic coatings”

by J. Kiilakoski (invited)

16h00: “The influence of heat treatment of the properties of HVOF sprayed super-alloy coatings”

by Sarka Houdkova

16h20: “Characterization and properties of titanium coatings deposited by Very Low Pressure Plasma Spray”

by Xiujuan Fan

16h40: “Evaluation of Oxidation and Thermal Cyclic Behavior of YSZ, Gd2Zr2O7 and YSZ/Gd2Zr2O7 TBCs”

by Kadir Mert Doleker

17h00: “Comparative study of thermal spray (Ti,Mo)(C,N)-Ni coatings”

by Paolo Sassatelli

17h20: “Advanced Coating Solutions for the Marine Industry”

by C. C. Berndt

Coffee break

17h40 – 17h50: Coffee break, Entry Hall, lower level

Amphitheatre #3

Spray process – session 4

Chairman: Alain Denoirjean

17h50: “Cascaded Arc Technology in the Thermal Spray Industry”

by B. Distler (invited)

18h20: “Performance and failure of plasma sprayed mullite-barium-magnesium-alumino-silicate environmental barrier coatings subjected to thermal cyclic loading”

by L. Celko

18h40: “Thermal sprayed ceramic coatings for high performance brake rotors”

by Septimiu Popa

Amphitheatre #4

Biomaterials – session 1

Chairwoman: Ghislaine Bertrand

17h50: “Characteristics of adsorption of polysaccharides and distinctive bacterial colonization and their influence on electrochemical behaviors of arc sprayed aluminum coatings”

by Hua Li

18h20: “Plasma-sprayed antimicrobial coatings from ultrafine composite powders”

by K. Bilewska

Room TD #3

Modeling – session 1

Chairman: Pierre Fauchais

17h50: “Conditions for Nucleation and Growth in the Substrate Boundary Layer at Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition”

by Georg Mauer (invited)

18h20: “Numerical Investigation of Nozzle Geometry on the Gas and Particle Dynamics of Suspension High Velocity Oxy Fuel Thermal Spray”

by Sunil Chadha

18h40: “Numerical study on the effect of nozzle divergence angle on particle distribution and particle velocity in cold spraying”

by Chirag Singhal

Room TD #4

Applications of coatings – session 1

Chairman: Thomas Lampke

17h50: “Deposition of refractory metal coatings by detonation spraying”

by V. Ulianitsky

18h20: “Suspension HVOF Sprayed Rare Earth Oxide Ceramics Coatings with Robust Self-Cleaning Surfaces”

by Mingwen Bai

Main Entrance Hall

Gala dinner

Social Event at 20h00: Gala dinner – “Le Poudrier

(Bus from ESTER Technopole to “Le Poudrier”)

Le Poudrier

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