Program of the 8th RIPT in Limoges, France – Day 3
Friday, 8th of December 2017

Amphitheatre #4


Amphiteatre #3

Spray process – session 5

Chairman: Georg Mauer

09h00: “Effect of Substrate Topography on the Morphology and Interface Bonding Formation of Plasma Sprayed NiCr Splats”

by Chanj-Jiu Li (invited)

09h30: “High Temperature Corrosion Mechanisms of HVAF-Sprayed Ni-Based Coatings Exposed to Alkali-Sulphate and Chloride Mixture Environments”

by Esmaeil Sadeghimeresht

09h50: “Evaluation of thermal cycling behaviour of pre-oxides plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings with various MCrAlX bond-coats”

by K. Slámečka

10h10: “Role of Chemistry on Behavior of Various Ni-based HVAF-Sprayed Coatings in Simulated Boiler Environments”

by Elie Guerin

Amphitheatre #4

Solution & suspension spraying – session 4

Chairman: J. Kiilakoski

09h00: “Preparation of Multiphase Coatings with Hybrid Water-Stabilized Plasma Torch using Liquid Spraying Route”

by Radek Musalek (invited)

09h30: “Microstructure and properties of nanostructured YSZ coating manufactured by axial suspension plasma spraying under low pressure”

by Chen Song

09h50: “Solid evidences proving the role of anatase content in TiO2 photocatalytic coatings by suspension plasma spraying”

by P. Vu

10h10: “Investigation of the Influence of Suspension Atomization in the HVSFS process”

by M. Plachetta

Room TD #3

Cold spray  – session 4

Chairman: Thomas Klassen

09h00: “A microstructural and tribological study of Aluminum-Alumina cold sprayed composite”

by Yamina Mebdoua (invited)

09h30: “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Ti555 Coatings”

by Jaroslaw Sienicki

09h50: “Crystal lattice strain analysis of nanostructured cermet Al2O3-Ni(Cr) particles during high-energy mechanical alloying process”

by Gobinda Saha

10h10: “Characterizations of cold-sprayed particles-reinforced Cu60Zn40 alloy composites – from microstructures to tribological and corrosion behaviours”

by Chunjie Huang

Room TD #4

Biomaterials – session 2

Chairman: Hua Li

09h00: “Effect of the precursor on the microstructure of the plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings: powders for APS versus suspension chemistry for RF-SPS”

by Marine Chambard

09h30: “Fabrication of porous glasses powders infiltrated with zirconia for use as raw material for orthopedic prostheses”

by O. Rojas

09h50: “Bioactivity analysis of hydroxyapatite coatings obtained from biowaste by HVOF- and APS-processes”

by G.A. Clavijo-Mejía

Coffee break

10h50 – 11h10: Coffee break, Entry Hall, lower level

Amphitheatre #3

Spray process – session 6

Chairwoman: Uta Klement

11h10: “Determination of mechanic and caloric properties of thermal spray coatings”

by Thomas Grund

11h40: “High Temperature Erosion/Corrosion of HVAF-Sprayed Ni-based Coatings”

by Esmaeil Sadeghimeresht

12h00: “The influence of ESD process on microstructure and mechanical properties of HVAF sprayed WC-Co coating”

by W. Żórawski

Amphitheatre #4

Solution & suspension spraying – session 5

Chairwoman: Sarka Houdkova

11h10: “The dependences between grain size and mechanical properties of powder and suspension plasma sprayed zirconia coatings”

by Paweł Sokołowski (invited)

11h40: “Effect of plasma jet enthalpy & velocity on the microstructure of suspension plasma-sprayed coatings”

by Alice Dolmaire

12h00: “Preparation of aqueous, highly concentrated suspension feedstocks of Y-TZP/Al2O3/SiC for suspension plasma spraying”

by Enrique Sanchcez Vilches

12h20: “Effect of acid roots of precursor solutes on microstructure, preferential oriented growth and contact angle of metal oxide films via solution precursor plasma spray”

by Zexin Yu

Room TD #3

Modeling – session 2

Chairwoman: Hélène Ageorges

11h10: “Suspension and solution plasma spraying evolution since the beginning of the millennium”

by Pierre Fauchais (invited)

11h40: “Numerical simulation of composite coating formation and growth during cold spraying of powder blends”

by A. Sova

12h00: “Simulation of crack propagation in plasma-sprayed alumina coatings using discrete element method”

by Y. Mebdoua

Room TD #4

Applications of coatings – session 2

Chairman: Eric Jordan

11h10: “Microstructure and wear resistance of AlCoCrFeNiTi high entropy alloy coatings produced by atmospheric plasma spraying”

by Thomas Lampke (Invited)

11h40: “Tribology at high temperatures of alumina coatings applied by plasma spraying process”

by Ivan David Franco

12h00: “Microstructure and tribological properties of the suspension plasma sprayed YSZ/h-BN composite coating”

by Yongli Zhao

12h20: “Evolution of Mechanical Properties of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Coatings Deposited by Suspension Plasma Spraying”

by M. Gizynski

LUNCH and End of 8th RIPT

13h00 – 15h00: LUNCH and End of 8th RIPT at ENSIL-ENSCI Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Limoges

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