Publication in Surface and Coatings Technology for the authors

Starting from January 1st 2014 you can submit your contribution to be considered for publication in the special issue of Surface and Coatings Technology. The contribution should be submitted directly on the journal website:

Please read before submitting the guide for the authors:

After having logged in, please choose an article type 6RIPT and one of three guest editors of the special issue:

  • Professor Chris Berndt, Swinburne, Australia;
  • Professor Robert Vassen, Jülich, Germany;
  • Professor Lech Pawlowski, Limoges, France

To avoid any conflict of the interest, the authors coming from the same laboratory as the editor are asked to choose another one.

Please note that the Publisher requested from the guest editors to keep very high quality of accepted papers.

doc Clic here to download the model of 6th RIPT manuscript cover page (Word document)

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