Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Salle TD 4
  9h00 – 12h00   Meeting of ETSA Board of Directors

  9h30 – 10h00   Welcome coffee at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
  10h00   Open lecture of Prof. Rainer Gadow from IFKB in Germany
  “Bioceramic coatings and composites from materials and processes to medical applications”

  12h00 – 13h00   LUNCH in the Forum in “La Coupole” building of ESTER Technopole ESTER Forum Dinner

Entry Hall
  14h00 – 18h30   Registration and installation of industrial exposition
  Installation of posters
  16h00 – 18h00   Visit of the laboratories

City Hall of Limoges
  18h30 – 21h00   Welcome cocktail given by Municipality of Limoges
  (Bus from ESTER Technopole to the City Hall of Limoges)
City Hall of Limoges

Last updated: December 6, 2013

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