Thursday, December 12, 2013

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  7h30 – 8h00   Welcome coffee at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
  8h00   Opening ceremony Welcome words:
  Lech Pawlowski & Robert Vassen, invited of Municipality, University, Faculty, ENSCI, SPCTS
  8h30   Plenary lecture: Dr. Michael Höhle / Dr. Malko Gindrat,
  Innovative Thermal Spray Solutions for Future Challenges

Amphitheater 4
Spray process — session 1
Chairman: Lech Pawlowski
  9h00   Comprehensive development of thermal spray concepts.
  Prof. Bernhard Wielage / Prof. Thomas Lampke Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany)
  9h30   Ultra high pressure HVOF gun fueled with ethanol for carbides spraying.
  Frantisek Zahalka
  9h50   Interface reaction mechanism for Al coating sealed with thermal diffusion of Zn.
  Timing Zhang
  10h10   Technological Developments in Nozzle Design for Twin Wire Arc Spraying to Improve the Variety of Application.
  Leif Gereon Hagen

Amphitheater 3
Cold spray — session 1
Chairman: Thomas Klassen
  9h00   Cold Spraying: From process fundamentals towards advanced applications.
  Prof. Igor SmurovENISE (France)
  9h30   Investigation on the Effect of Addition of Ni3Al Particulates on the Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Nickel.
  Tharaka Chandanayaka
  9h50   The effect of substrate preparation on the mechanical properties of coatings deposited by low-pressure cold spraying.
  Pawel Sokolowski
  10h10   Oxidation performance of cold sprayed Ti-Al barriers on γ-TiAl intermetallic substrates.
  Jan Cizek

Salle TD 3
Applications of coatings — session 1
Chairman: Bernhard Wielage
  9h00   Bioglass, bioceramic and composite coatings for biomedical applications.
  Prof. Valeria CannilloUniversity of Modena (Italy)
  9h30   Investigation of HVOF-Sprayed Hardmetal Coatings for Static Friction Applications.
  Lutz-Michael Berger
  9h50   Steel coating application for engine block bores by Plasma Transferred Wire Arc spraying process.
  Geoffrey Darut
  10h10   Recent Developments in High Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying and Industrial Applications.
  Priv.-Doz. Andreas Killinger / Prof. Rainer GadowUniversity of Stuttgart (Germany)

  10h40 – 11h20   Coffee break at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
Nanotechnology — session 1
Chairwoman: Armelle Vardelle
  11h20   Novel Opportunities for Thermal Spray by PS-PVD.
  Dr. Georg MauerForschungszentrum Jülich (Germany)
  11h50   Helium Substitution in liquid feedstock plasma spraying.
  Aurélien Joulia
  12h10   On Experiments with Liquid Feedstock Spraying with Water Stabilized Plasma Torch.
  Radek Musalek
  12h30   Role of suspension processing in the preparation of nano/submicron structured feedstocks for plasma spraying.
  Prof. Enrique SánchezInstitute of Ceramic Technology (Spain)

Amphitheater 3
Cold spray — session 2
Chairman: Sergi Dosta
  11h20   On Adhesion Mechanisms of Cold Gas Sprayed Aluminium Coatings on Al2O3-Substrates.
  Dr. Thomas GrundChemnitz University of Technology (Germany)
  11h50   Effect of axial carrier gas on particle velocity in cold spraying.
  Xinkun Suo
  12h10   Effect of Preheating Treatment on the Deposition Mechanism of Cold Sprayed Copper Particles.
  Shuo Yin
  12h30   A study on the microstructure and tribological behavior of cold-sprayed metal matrix composites reinforced by particulate quasicrystal.
  Xueping Guo

Salle TD 3
Applications of coatings — session 2
Chairman: Carlos Lima
  11h20   Developing alternative coatings for repair and restoration of pumps of caustic liquor transportation in the aluminum and nickel industry.
  Prof. Carlos Lima Methodist University of Piracicaba (Bresil)
  11h50   Thermally Sprayed Finestructured WC-12Co Coatings Finished by Ball Burnishing and Grinding as an Innovative Approach to Protect Forming Tools Against Wear.
  Peter Hollingsworth
  12h10   Bioactivity and Mechanical Properties of Bioactive Glass Coatings Fabricated by Flame Spraying.
  Monica Monsalve
  12h30   Characterization of microstructure and thermal properties of YCSZ coatings obtained by suspension plasma spraying.
  Pawel Sokolowski

  13h00 – 15h00   LUNCH in the Forum in “La Coupole” building of ESTER Technopole ESTER Forum Dinner

Amphitheater 4
  15h00   Plenary lecture: Prof. Thomas Klassen,
  Optimum Parameters for Cold Spraying

Amphitheater 4
Mechanical properties — session 1
Chairman: Eli Puchi Cabrera
  15h30   Mechanical properties by indentation of thermal sprayed coatings: Relevance of the scale of measurement.
  Prof. Didier ChicotUniversity of Lille 1 (France)
  16h00   Microstructure and sliding wear resistances of as-deposited and annealed high carbone steel coatings obtained by flame spraying.
  Abdelaziz Ati
  16h20   Microstructure and Tribology of WC-FeCrAl Cermets Deposited by HVOF- and HVAF-Spraying.
  Giovanni Bolelli
  16h40   Residual stresses and final deformation of an alumina coating: modeling and measurement.
  Rodolphe Bolot
  17h00   Integrated formation of high performance turbine blade model by SLM and APS technology.
  Zhenhua Cai
  17h20   Comparative study of the microstructure, microhardness, corrosion, wear and thermal shock resistance of ZrO2-Y2O3, ZrO2-CeO2 and ZrO2-Al2O3 coatings elaborated by atmospheric plasma spraying.
  Andres G. Gonzalez

Amphitheater 3
Coatings properties — session 1
Chairman: Petri Vuoristo
  15h30   Design of Microstructures in Thermal Barrier Coatings.
  Prof. Per Nylen University of Trollhättan (Sweden)
  16h00   High temperature oxidation of MCrAlY coatings modified by Al2O3 PVD overlay.
  Cecilia Bartuli
  16h20   Deposition and Characterization of Thermal Barrier Coatings of ZrO2-4 mol. % Y2O3–1 mol. % Gd2O3–1 mol. % Yb2O3.
  Lidong Zhao
  16h40   Effect of sealing processing and treatment on the behavior of plasma-sprayed ceramic alumina coating in extreme environment.
  Angélique Canton
  17h00   Improving surface properties of Mg alloys by cold spray Aluminum based coatings.
  Juliana Bedoya
  17h20   Investigation of the adherence between enamel coating and base metal by fractal analysis.
  Tao Han

Salle TD 3
Applications of coatings — session 3
Chairman: Thomas Lampke
  15h30   Manufacture of gadolinium zirconate as thermal barrier coating using different types of APS guns.
  Prof. Robert Vassen Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany)
  16h00   Co-plasma spraying of NiCrAlY powder and alumina suspension for anti-wear applications.
  Alice Ravaux
  16h20   The Use of Detonation Spraying for the Development of Catalytic Converters.
  Igor Smurov
Modelling — session 1
Chairman: Luca Lusvarghi
  16h40   Investigations and 3D representations of Atmospheric and Suspension Plasma Spraying coatings microstructure.
  J. Marthe
  17h00   Finite element modeling of cracking phenomenon on the interfaces of thermal barrier coatings system as a function of the TGO growth.
  Joseph Absi
  17h20   Computer-aided trajectory generation strategy and computational thermal history in thermal spraying.
  Zhenhua Cai

Salle TD 4
Spray process — session 2
Chairman: Jan Cizek
  15h30   Sprayability of Ceramic Substrates by Thermal Spraying.
  Filoftea Laura Toma
  16h00   Grain Growth and Pore Elimination in Inconel 625 Deposited by APS.
  Fardad Azarmi
  16h20   UHTC by plasma spraying: use of an innovative way to include SiC in coatings.
  Charlotte Barré
  16h40   Development of oxide-dispersion-strengthened CoNiCrAlY Bondcoats.
  Francesco Bozza
  17h00   MCrAlY and ZrO2 coatings on Ti-6Al-4V using a non-transferred arc plasma torch with reverse vortex.
  Felipe Rocha Caliari
  17h20   The Role of Substrate Surface Roughness on Adhesion Properties of APS and HVOF Sprayed Nickel Coatings.
  Ladislav Celko

  17h40 – 17h50   Coffee break at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building

Amphitheater 4
Mechanical properties — session 2
Chairman: Andreas Killinger
  17h50   Comparison of mechanical and electrochemical properties of WC-17 and 12Co coatings onto Al7075-T6 obtained by HVOF and CGS.
  Dr. Sergi Dosta University of Barcelona (Spain)
  18h20   Effect of cold sprayed Al coating on mechanical property and corrosion behavior of friction stir welded 2024-T351 joint.
  Wenya Li
  18h40   Drilling resistance test as a method to determine mechanical properties of Al2O3-TiO2 plasma spray coatings.
  Claudia Constanza Palacio

Amphitheater 3
Coatings properties — session 2
Chairman: Pierre Fauchais
  17h50   Properties and performance of coatings deposited by laser cladding and thermal spray technologies – a direct comparison of the deposition technologies.
  Prof. Petri Vuoristo Technical University of Tampere (Finland)
  18h20   Properties of NiCrBSi coating, as sprayed and remelted by different technologies.
  Šárka Houdková
  18h40   Fireside corrosion performance of FeCrAl coating at 700, 750 & 800 °C in simulated coal-biomass combustion environment for USC boilers.
  Tanvir Hussain

Salle TD 3
Modelling — session 2
Chairman: Ghislain Montavon
  17h50   The usefulness of mathematical models in plasma spraying engineering.
  Prof. Armelle Vardelle University of Limoges (France)
  18h20   Modeling of radiative exchanges between plasma jet and colloidal droplets in Suspension Plasma Spray.
  Florent Girard
  18h40   Comparison between Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Models on Plasma Torch Simulations.
  Zhiwei Guo

Salle TD 4
Spray process — session 3
Chairman: Igor Smurov
  17h50   Effect of Bond Coat Surface Roughness on the Structure of Axial Suspension Plasma Spray Thermal Barrier Coatings.
  Nicholas Curry
  18h20   Microstructure and wear resistance of FeAl/Al2O3 intermetallic composite coating prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying.
  Bo Song

  19h10   Poster session at the lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building Lower ground floor (RB) of Platforms in CEC building
  20h00   Gala dinner in “Le Poudrier”
  (Bus from ESTER Technopole to “Le Poudrier”)
Le Poudrier

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