Schedule – Friday, December 9, 2011

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  8h30   Plenary lecture: Vaßen Robert,
  Thermal spray coatings for energy applications

Amphitheatre A
Session 1 – Modelling
Chairman: Igor Smurov
  9h00   Analysis by modelling of the plasma flow interactions with surrounding atmosphere and liquid injection.
  E. MeillotCEA Le Ripault, Tours (France)
  9h30   A Lattice Boltzmann Based Investigation of Powder In-flight Characteristics during APS Process, Part I: Modelling and Validation.
  R. Djebali
  9h50   Comparison of the Impingement Behaviour of Dense and Hollow MetalDroplets onto a Substrate during Thermal Spray Coating.
  A. Kumar
  10h10   Numerical simulation of coaxial round jets.
  N. B. Safer

Session 1 – Spray processes
Chairman: Per Nylen
  9h00   Vapor deposition from solid precursors in thermal plasma processes.
  A. VardelleUniversity of Limoges (France)
  9h30   Optical monitoring of the thermal spraying.
  Y. Chivel
  9h50   Thermal Spray and the development of Filter systems.
  J. Ferraz
  10h10   Effect of Processing Variables on Titanium Nitride Coating by Gas Tunnel Type Plasma Reactive Spraying.
  A. Kobayashi
  10h30   Three dimensional simulation of liquid metal atomization in gas flow.
  K. Koutsakis

Salle du Conseil
Session 1 – Pre- and post spray processes
Chairman: Luc Bianchi
  9h00   Improvement in the properties of plasma-sprayed metallic, alloy and ceramic coatings using dry-ice blasting.
  H. LiaoUniversity of Belfort – Montbéliard (France)
  9h30   Characterization of sealing treatments on the behavior of aluminium phosphate sealed plasma – sprayed alumina coatings operating in extreme environment.
  A. Joly

  10h50 – 11h20   Coffee break

Amphitheatre A
Session 2 – Modelling
Chairman: Erick Meillot
  11h20   Influence of substrate and particles preheating on deformation behavior in cold spraying by Eulerian method.
  M. Yu
  11h40   Finite element modelling of the elastic modulus of thermal barrier coatings.
  J.H. Qiao
  12h00   3D stochastic reconstruction-direct access to some properties of Bi-phase materials.
  R. Arab

Session 2 – Spray processes
Chairwoman: Valeria Cannillo
  11h20   Cr2C3-NiCr VPS thermal spray coatings as candidate for chromium replacement.
  M. H. Staia
  11h40   Plasma Characteristics and Coating Growth of the Thin Film Low Pressure Plasma Spraying Process (LPPS-TF).
  A. Hospach
  12h00   New generation Advanced HVOF Torch using Ethanol.
  M. Zwetsloot

Salle du Conseil
Session 1 – Laser Process
Chairman: Stefan Siegmann
  11h20   Comprehensive analysis of laser cladding.
  I. SmurovENISE, St. Etienne (France)
  11h50   Laser cladding of metal/ceramic composites for wear applications.
D. Deschuyteneer
  12h10   Optimisation of microstructure and mechanical characteristics of laser textured substrate using an experimental design approach.
  A. Lamraoui

  12h30   Amphi 1 : Distribution of the Best Paper and Best Poster Prices
  12h40 – 14h15   LUNCH

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