Parution : Loanwords and Substrata

Parution sous la direction de Romain Garnier, Loanwords and Substrata, dans la collection « Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft » (Band 164, 528 pages).


The conference on “Loanwords and Substrata” took place on June 4th–7th, 2018 in the Faculty of Letters and Humanities at the University of Limoges. 30 papers were read: 22 of them have been submitted for these Proceedings. In the present volume, 15 papers are written in English, 5 in French and 2 in German. The conference topic was the question of loanwords – whether they are known as such or not – and the notion of substrata, including semantic or even syntactic calques, in ancient or modern Indo-European languages, with a special emphasis on contacts between Indo-European and Non-Indo-European languages such as Hurrian, Elamite, Etruscan, Ugaritic, Finno-Ugrian and Austroasiatic languages.

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