Parution | Cultural Perspectives on the Irish in Latin America

Parution le 17 novembre 2023

Coédition d’Estelle Epinoux et Frank Healy

This collective volume provides the reader with an exploration of Latin America from an Irish perspective. The contributors have explored the multiple, and sometimes surprising, links that exist between Ireland and Latin America, touching on specific features of these links such as the political and cultural influence of the Irish diaspora and their political relations. These topics are examined through different media, including literature, films, history, poetry and sociology, and offer an opportunity to discover an aspect of Irish culture and history that has not been widely studied.

The authors deal with these questions from different cultural perspectives within past and present contexts, exploring two cultures and histories which, at times, are linked through their shared destinies. They also provide the reader with different national perspectives. In presenting the long-lasting and multifaceted relationships between Ireland and Latin America, the contributors have helped to deepen our understanding of a part of Ireland’s historical heritage that deserves more focus.

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