• Properties of cellulosic fibre reinforced plaster: influence of hemp or flax fibres on the properties of set gypsum

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R. Lucas ; P. H. Elchinger ; P. A. Faugeras ; R. Zerrouki

Nucleosides ; Nucleotides & Nucleic acids – (2010); 29(3)


  • Iodine catalysed one-pot synthesis of unsymmetrical meso-substituted porphyrins.

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Tetrahedron (2010) ; 66(11) ; 1994-1996.


  • One-Pot silver nanorings synthesis

N. Drogat ; R. Granet ; V. Sol ; P. Krausz.

Nanoscale Research Letters (2010) ; 5 ; 566-569


  • Design and efficient synthesis of a new promising scaffold based on unsymmetrical protoporphyrin IX derivatives for use in SPPS.

M.E. Bakled, V. Sol, R. Granet, G. Déléris, K. Estieu-Gionnet, P. Krausz

Chemical Communications. (2010) ; 46 ; 2115-2117


  • Aqueous phase extraction of glucuronoxylans from chestnut wood: new strategy for lignin oxydation using phtalocyanine or porphyrin/H2O2 system

A.Barbat , V.Sol., V. Gloaguen, P. Krausz. 

Bioresource. Technology., (2010); 101; 6538-4654.


  • Novel class of non-ionic monocatenary and bolaform alkyl-glycoside surfactants. Synthesis by microwave-assisted glycosylation and olefin cross-metathesis or by click-chemistry’: physicochemical studies

V. Neto; R. Granet; P. Krausz.

Tetrahedron (2010), 66(25), 4633-4646.


  • Blue light is cytotoxic for B16F10 murine melanoma and bovine endothelial cell lines by direct cytocidal effect

Agnes Sparsa, Karine Faucher, Vincent Sol, Helene Durox, Serge Boulinguez, Valerie Doffoel-Hantz, Claude-Alain Calliste, Jeanne Cook-Moreau, Pierre Krausz, Franc, G. Strurtz, Christophe Bédane, Marie-Odile Jauberteau-Marchan, Marie-hélène Ratinaud, Jean-marie Bonnetblanc

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  • Enhancement of Douglas Fir bark lead (II) binding capacities – synthesis of aminated oligogalacturonic acid

C. Astier, V. Chaleix C. Faugeron ; D. Ropartz ; P. Krausz ; V. Gloaguen

J. Haz. Mat., (2010), 182(1-3), 279-285


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P.A. Faugeras, B. Boëns, Pierre-Henri Elchinger, J. Vergnaud, K. Teste, R. Zerrouki.

Tetrahedron Letters, (2010) ; 51(35) ; 4630-4632


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N. Drogat, M. Barriere, R. Granet, V. Sol, P. Krausz

Dyes and pigments (2010) ; 88 (1), 125-127


  • Structural characterization and cytotoxic properties of Zosteran, an apiose-rich pectic polysaccharide from the cell wall of the marine phanerogam Zostera marina. 

V. Gloaguen., Brudieux V., Closs B., A. Barbat, P. Krausz, Sainte Catherine O., Kraemer M., Maes M., Guerardel Y.,

J. Nat Prod, in press (2010).


  • Changes on the adhesion properties ; production of extracellular proteins and metabolism of the Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG strain grown in the presence of mucin

B. Sánchez ; N. Saad ; J-M. Schmitter ; Ph. Bressollier and M.C. Urdaci

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology ; (2010) 20 (6) ; 978-984.


  • Meso-functionalized porphyrins as efficient agents for photo-antibacterial surfaces

C. Ringot ; N. Saad ; V. Sol ; R. Granet, P. Bressollier ; P. Krausz

J. Porphyrins. Phthalocyanines, (accepté, sous presse)


  • Antimicrobial silver nanoparticles generated on cellulose nanocrystals

N. Drogat ;  R. Granet; V. Sol ; A. Memmi ;N. Saad ; C. Klein Koerkamp ; Ph. Bressollier ; P. Krausz

J. nanotechnology Research (accepté)


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A. Barbat, C. Moine, P. Krausz and V. Gloaguen

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  • Biological investigation using shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensor : Small “Click generated” DNA (Cg-DNA)-Hybridization dectection.

C. Zerrouki, N. Fourati, R. Lucas, J. Vergnaud, J. M. Fougnion, R. Zerrouki, C. Pernelle.

Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2010 (sous presse).

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