The International Welcome Day of the University of Limoges

Welcome to the new international students!

They come from Senegal, India, Brazil, United-States or many European countries.

The International students recently arrived at the University of Limoges were invited to attend the International Welcome Day on September, 29th 2016.


Every year, more than 2.000 foreign students attend the University of Limoges for one or two semesters and for more than ten years, the University, in partnership with the city of Limoges, Limoges Métropole and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, brings out these new comers offering them a dedicated day.

The International Welcome Day is enrolled in the welcome biggest measures organized by the University every year in October and November, and to which every International students are invited: Sports Day, Limoges Campus, musical challenge, photobooth contest, Welcome Night for doctoral students…

Based on the theme of conviviality, the International Welcome Day organized by the International Welcome Office got together about 200 students and took place in two phases:

  • in the morning, partners of the University of Limoges, closely brought together to this event, presented their services to the new students during an information’s fair (administrative formalities, social protection cover, French courses, housing benefit, transports, student organizations, tourism, culture, sports clubs…),
  • in the afternoon, students teams discovered monuments and the most emblematic places during a big treasures hunt in the streets of Limoges city.

Through this International Welcome Day, all the administrative services and faculties of the University of Limoges pulled together to welcome the best possible way the international students in their new environment, to help them to be all set in Limoges and to make easier their integration at the University.

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