Key figures

Incoming mobility

With more than 14% of students coming from abroad, the University of Limoges is ranked among the top 10 of the most dynamic French universities in terms of hosting international students. Nationalities : Morocco, Algeria and China are the top 3 countries of origin of incoming students and comprise almost 30% of the international students. The other countries most represented are Tunisia, Senegal, United Kingdom, Gabon, Cameroon, Lebanon and Ivory Coast. There are almost 100 international research lecturers and 200 foreign doctoral candidates and post-doctoral students.

International courses

International Cooperation

258 framework agreements of cooperation :

  • 72 with America,
  • 62 with Europe,
  • 45 with Asia,
  • 40 with North Africa and the Middle East,
  • 30 with the rest of Africa,
  • 9 with Oceania.