Doctoral trainings

Doctoral trainings

With more than 600 doctoral students registered each year in its 8 doctoral schools and more than 120 graduates a year, the University of Limoges prepares its highest graduates for a wide variety of disciplines.

A large variety of disciplinary fields

  • Environment and Ecology, Earth Sciences and the Universe
  • Health, Biological Sciences, Bioactive Molecules
  • Sciences and Materials, Mechanical and Power Engineering
  • Sciences and Systems, Mathematical and IT Engineering

  • Sciences of Language, Psychology, Cognition and Education
  • Humanities
  • Law and Political Science
  • Sciences of the Company, Territories, Economic and Management Sciences

Each doctoral student has access to an offer of training for a professional career, to support throughout the thesis, and can receive funding in the form of an employment contract.

Optimal working conditions

Our doctoral schools, with a solid international outlook, offer their doctoral candidates scientific guidance provided by recognised research teams that benefit from state of the art facilities. They provide classes in socio-economics and encourage doctoral students to participate in national and international scientific events. The international reputation of the University of Limoges allows our doctoral students to increase their international mobility to enhance their careers and establish scientific contacts. Initial real professional experience, the doctoral training provides an understanding of any kind of profession requiring a high capacity for innovation. Initiated by research through research, the doctoral student, upon completion of the 3 years’ thesis, is able to perform a skilled job and integrate himself or herself into the public or private sector. To enable you to register for a doctorate at the University of Limoges, the International Reception Office supports you with your projects and responds to your questions.

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