International Reception Office

International Welcome Office

Join the University of Limoges to enjoy a personalised and efficient welcome. The International Welcome Office caters to all foreign nationals hosted at the University of Limoges.

The International Welcome Office will help you to find accommodation, complete administrative paperwork, learn French and discover Limoges and its region.

The International Welcome Office, a personalised welcome!

The International Welcome Office will help you obtain information prior to your arrival and will guide you throughout your stay in order to perform all the steps required for the success of your induction to Limoges.

The International Welcome Office is a multilingual one-stop shop where you can obtain all the information required to make your stay as smooth as possible.

An activity programme of discovery and integration

  • International Welcome Day
    Each year, there are some 500 new international students ; about 200 of them participate in this day of integration which allows them to discover our local heritage, but also the strategically useful points for their life in Limoges, by way of a treasure hunt.
  • Introduction to Skiing
    The team at the International Welcome Office has, for the last 3 years, offered its international students a wonderful opportunity by proposing that they participate in a day of introduction to skiing completely free of charge.
  • Canoeing/kayaking on Vassivière Lake
    The International Welcome Office invites you to discover Vassivière Lake, at your own pace and completely freely ! Indulge in a canoe adventure to discover the fauna and flora.
  • Mobility hours
    An opportunity for all mobile students to meet and exchange experiences.

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