Coming as a family

Procedures for family members:

The International Welcome Office also assists with the researcher’s family. You may contact us with any question relating to the arrival of your spouse and children. Children under 18 must justify a regular entry into France (i.e. have a visa). Parents can then apply for a [Travel Document for Minors] (Document de Circulation des Enfants Mineurs) DCEM, which is essential in order to allow the child to travel. The family may enter France according to different procedures depending on the status that has been attributed to the researcher on his or her visa. So, prior to the arrival of your family, you need to find the most appropriate approach for your situation. To do this, please contact the nearest French Consulate to your place of residence.

Nursery and schools

To enrol your child in a public school, you must contact the School Department of the City Hall of Limoges prior to your arrival. For registration at college, you can find more information here. To complete your application file, you must submit:

  • the child’s passport
  • the child’s birth certificate, translated into French
  • a proof of residence (lease, rent receipt or utility bill…)
  • the child’s health records. The child must be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP)

The educational system in France

School in France is mandatory for children aged 6 to 16.

Education is free in public schools and fee-paying in private schools, but the curriculum is the same, as established at national level.

Most schools offer catering facilities to children at lunchtime, as well as child care before or after school with regard to nursery and elementary schools.

Nursery (from the age of 3) is not mandatory. Elementary school (from the age of 6) has 2 phases: the CP (course préparatoire/preparatory phase), CE1 and CE2 (first and second year of the elementary phase), and the classes of CM1 and CM2 (first and second year of the middle phase).

College has 3 phases: 6th, 5th, 4th/3rd grades.

The lycée has 3 grades: from 2nd to final grades. There are [National Vocational Qualifications] (Brevets d’Etudes Professionnelles) BEPs, vocational school leaving certificates (in vocational schools), technology school leaving certificates (in technical schools), and general school leaving certificates.

Please do not hesitate to contact the International Welcome Office for any other questions: