Research policy

Research policy

The University of Limoges conducts multidisciplinary research open to different fields of science and knowledge with leading disciplines in several areas:

  • the fields of microwave, optics and photonics, CAD, mathematics, IT. (XLIM)

These two major fields are federated within the Σ-lim laboratory of excellence.

  • the field of health: immunology, pharmacology, oncogenesis, resistance mechanisms of microorganisms, peripheral neuropathies, neuroepidemiology, degenerative neurological diseases, disability and aging therapies…
  • the field of natural resources and their exploitation: genomics and genetics of major sectors (cattle breeding – forestry), green chemistry, biomass conversion and sustainable development (health, materials, new non-food uses of natural resources), chemistry of the environment and contaminants (water, soil, biomass) and management processes and methods to protect the environment.
  • the fields of law, economics, management, arts and humanities with strong themes (Francophonie, semiotics, educational districts, popular literature, multimedia narratives, paleoenvironment, geoarchaeology, environmental capital, humanities and art, banking structures, sports law, conflict and post-conflict management, dynamism of business and organisations, etc.).

Research at Limoges University