Human and Social Sciences

Understanding and promoting diversity

Multidisciplinary, the University of Limoges  welcomes its internal development of Humanities and Social Sciences, based in part on a classic research base covering a broad disciplinary field, and in part by following paths created by pioneers and which are still innovative today: law and economics of sport, environmental capital, popular literature, …

Encourage interdisciplinarity

On the margins of their fields of excellence, researchers from different laboratories routinely collaborate in joint programmes enriched by the mutual exchange of methods in response to societal issues interesting to the academic community as much for scientific interest as to the public authorities for local benefits:

  • Autonomy and Health: Semiotics ad technology for autonomy: the Roméo project
  • Globalisation: global governance, the rules of production on an international scale, local translations
  • JURISMART: intelligent eco-management of energy: legal, economic, social and territorial aspects
  • Territories and social sciences

They are also found in collaboration linking several research institutes through, for example, the topics of health or materials:

  • management of animal, plant and aquatic resources and health: impact of the genetic diversity of Douglas
  • smart and sustainable building
  • innovation promoting development of the silver economy and aging well specialising in autonomy and health at home

International ranking of specialisations

Established locally, benefitting from regional partnerships (Regional Council of Limousin,  CESER), the teams of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Limoges are also committed to the international plan, to play a lead role in several sectors at this level: semiotics, banking risk, quality of justice, etc…