Learning French

Learning French

The course of French as a Foreign Language is intended for all international students at the University of Limoges so that they can improve their language and university methodology. The training provides courses in language and French civilisation for non-French speakers from beginner to advanced levels in order to improve their French and discover French culture.

Students receive a warm, personal welcome and high quality training taught by a team of professional teachers and various cultural activities.

This course does give student status or intern for continuous training.
You can not enter university with only B1 level.
B2 & C1 levels allow to enter the University of Limoges.

Target Group

·         International exchange students at the University of Limoges

·         Staff and interns at the University of Limoges

·         Every one who wants to improve his french level. Those applicants must have no less than a baccalaureate or equivalent and already be on the French territory.

·         Au pair people

·         Top-level athletes.

We are not recruiting applicants living abroad except Au pair and top-level athletes.

Courses goals

  • Gain the written and spoken french skill
  • Discover french culture
  • Being prepared to enter college
  • Succeed  DELF B1 french test

Educational support

Classes are taught by french teachers graduated from the university, at least with a master in French As Foreign Language.

Period of training

  • 2 semesters per academic year (september-december and january-may)
  • 156 hours of courses per semester (312 hours per year)

Teaching content for one semester 

Each semester, courses take place during 13 weeks.

·         Writing understanding – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Oral comprehension – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Written practice – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Oral practice – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Phonetic – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         French society – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Writen communication– 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30

·         Foreign language – 19,5  heures de cours : 13 cours de 1h30


 Fees (on an indicative basis for 2019-2020)

Students and staff of the universty of Limoges : All the courses are free.

Applicants non attached to the university :

2000 €  for the academic year in continuous training (formation continue)
1400€ the semester in continuous training
1500€ the academic year in basic training
900€ the semester in basic training

Exile students : You can apply to the DU PASSERELLE B1. A specific fee will be charged to you.

If you are registered at Pôle Emploi or if you have already worked for more than a year in France or abroad, you are attached to Continuous training (formation continue)

Do not forget to ask for funding to Pôle Emploi or to your employer.

Prerequisites to apply

·         To have at least a secondary school diploma (Baccalaureate or foreign equivalent).

·         To have a valid resident permit, visa or recépissé.

·         To have achieved A2 level of French and provide the official proof of it.


Appplications are open on  Ecandidat :

–          From 04/17/2020 until 06/14/2020 for non student nor staff of the University of Limoges.

–          From 06 /08/2020 until 10/10/2020 for students and staff from the University of Limoges.

Application  documents 

–          For students of UNILIM: copy of your education certificate, proof of A2 level of french.

–          For staff of UNILIM : document that proofs that you are a staff (working contract, hostiing agreement…), proof of A2 level of french.

–          For other candidates :

·         Resident permit, visa or récépissé (except for European citizens)

·         CV

·         Cover letter explaining yur professionnal or university project

·         Baccalaureate or last diplomas translated in french or with the ENIC NARIC equivalence.

·         Official copy of A2 french test.

·         Au pair contract, if need be.

·         Contract with your club if you are an top level athlete.

·         Official document signed by your Pole Emploi advisor or your employer or social worker if you have a professionnal project.

·         Pre-acceptance certificate signed by the supervisor of the course you want to take the year after (bachelor, master degree or PhD) if you plan to study again.

·         If you have the continuous training profile (formation continue) : official document explaining the arrengements to pay for the training, social security certificate, certificate of civil liability, document from Pôle Emploi dated less than 3 month about your situation. 


·         Early july : Results of the selection commission.

·         End of july : You have to confirm that you will start the courses.

·         End of august : Finalization of your registration.

·         Early september : courses start.

·         End of october : one week off for fall break.

·         December : DELF B1 exam session.

·         End of december : two weeks off for Christmas break.

·         January : Courses start. (you can possibly switch to intermediate level)

·         February : one week off for winter break.

·         April : one week off for spring break.

·         May : DELF B1 or B2 exam session.

·         September : Registration in bachelor, master or Phd, or intermediate level of French courses.


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