Master’s 2 – Algorithms, Symbolic Calculation and Numerical Optimisation (ACSYON)


Initial course and ongoing training throughout life


five years of post-secondary education




2 semesters.

Course venue

At the University of Limoges, or at a partner university linked to the University of Limoges by an agreement (or other higher education establishment)

Contact details

Course supervisor


This master’s in applied mathematics provides training in effective analysis and algebra. It forms preparation for careers in engineering or research in the following areas: optimisation, symbolic-numerical calculation, curves and surfaces for CAD, mathematical methods for automation, shape optimisation and modelling of problems relating to electromagnetism.  The simultaneously symbolic and numerical approach to problems addressed, as well as certain themes such as the optimisation of shapes, makes this Master’s an original training programme in France. This two-year training programme meets a request from high-tech industry and research laboratories for specialists able to developing and implementing advanced mathematical methods to serve other scientific disciplines. It relies on the multidisciplinary laboratory XLIM of CNRS. Regular involvement of speakers from industry and major research organisations ensures that the training adequately meets the expectations of the professional world.


  • mastery of mathematical foundations in aplied analysis, optimisation in the braod sense and symbolic-numerical analysis;
  • familiarisation with industrial issues through a variety of industrial mini-conferences.

At the end of the course, each student has a descriptive appendix entitled “Supplement to Degree” which provides a precise description of the university curriculum followed and the skills acquired during the period of study as well as a fair evaluation of progress made and skills acquired.

Number of ECTS credits: 120

Registration fee

Approximately 480 euros (including social security).

Campus France

The University of Limoges belongs to the agency Campus France and the facility CEF (Centre pour les Études en France). International students who live abroad (outside the EU, excluding BGE/BGF [holders of scholarships awarded by the French government and foreign countries, respectively]), wishing to pursue their studies in Limoges, must file their applications with the agency Campus France. A Centre pour les Études en France exists in the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Comores, Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Republic of Congo, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, Syria (suspended), Taiwan, Tunisia, United States, Vietnam. The procedure is dematerialised: for more information, please click on the link below. Campus France website

Organisation of the curriculum

This master’s programme is offered in English. 30 classroom credits in the first semester and a work placement or research work in the laboratory in the second semester. ——————————————————————————————————————————- Semester 3 Mandatory list Organisation of the company English Curves and surfaces for CAD IT project Digital optimisation Combinatorial optimisation Optimisation of shape and applications Combinatorial symbolic computation Non-regular dynamic and Applications Industrial mini-conferences

Further studies

Possible pursuit of studies for a doctorate in applied mathematics

Professional integration

Career opportunities: research and development engineer, consultant, teacher and researcher Industries: aerospace, automotive, telecommunications industry, electrical engineering, robotics, chemistry and process engineering, radar and medical imaging, consulting and service companies, major public and private research organisations.