A nice back to school meeting for E2Lim

On Thursday October 6th, the day of re-entry of the E2Lim laboratory gathered a large part of the team for a meeting of presentation of the team to the new arrivals and for a financial point of positioning of the team within the university of Limoges. The recurrent themes of safety at work, the functioning of the analytical platform, the budget of the laboratory and the needs for improvement of the team were discussed. The newly created animation cell of E2Lim was presented as well as the association CTE which is attached to the laboratory and which proposes numerous services in the field of Water for the industrialists and communities of the field and was celebrating its 1 year.

At noon a convivial meal gathered us all and then a visit was organized at 3 pm to discover a local company: La Distillerie du Centre in Limoge which still distills a number of local aperitifs such as the Gauloise and the Panazo.

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