Analysis or consultancy services

E2Lim can help you in your projects and offers two types of services

  • Chemical analysis of water and solids thanks to its platform and the numerous methods developed
  • Consulting services or technical support for the implementation of complex techniques or as a scientific consultant/expert.

If you need our expertise, please contact us:

Our partners

    The E2Lim laboratory has an analytical platform equipped to meet the many needs concerning the quantification of contaminants such as metals or organic products in water (drugs, phytosanitary products), waste and soil. E2Lim also has infrastructures and pilot units to evaluate and optimise water and waste treatment processes: Technical means. All these tools and skills are made available to regional or national companies for services or technological development. The Agence pour la Valorisation de la Recherche Universitaire du Limousin (AVRUL) is an important element in responding effectively to requests and supporting E2Lim’s know-how. The laboratory is also a member of the SOLTENA network “Solutions for the New Aquitaine Ecological Transition” and works with member companies to develop new technologies.


Skills: industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, water quality (chemistry, microbiology), operational assessment of water treatment plants, solid waste management, pollution assessment on industrial sites, passive sampling of metals-metalloids and organic compounds (pharmaceuticals and pesticides).