The E2Lim laboratory is an environmental research laboratory concerned with its impact on the environment. A number of researchers feel involved in these issues of social and environmental balance and the laboratory has set up a large number of actions and carries out many projects at the crossroads between research and the protection of the environment and people.

Actions carried out within the laboratory

The laboratory tries to address its impact in two major areas.

  • The daily life of the laboratory
  • The impact of research activities

The laboratory has set up several actions to encourage the reduction of waste and various types of consumption.

  • Composting of waste in the break room
  • Recycling of paper and cardboard
  • Raising awareness of electricity and heating savings

Research generates a lot of chemical and plastic waste and consumes a lot of energy. The laboratory has therefore undertaken to reflect on the possibilities of evolution in order to move towards the most sober research possible.

In the laboratory

  • Organisation of a consumables shop to monitor usage and rationalise the output of materials
  • Reflection on the prioritisation of manipulations
  • Switch to non-disposable dishes as soon as possible
  • Management of waste so that it is sent to reprocessing channels

In travel

  • Favouring carpooling
  • Optimise field trips and share sampling sites between projects to limit travel

Organisation of events (technical days, scientific conferences, etc.)

  • Implementing waste sorting (composting, paper/cardboard)
  • Favouring local products with little packaging
  • Limit the use of individual drinks
  • Use of tap water for drinks
  • Limiting disposable tableware with a target of zero disposables by 2024
  • Monitoring the impact of participants’ journeys with a small questionnaire

Associations supported by members of the laboratory

Two environmental associations are run by members of the laboratory.

AULEPE offers staff, students and the general public numerous conferences throughout the year on fauna and flora and more generally on the environment.

Borie Uni’Vert’Cité aims to bring together students and staff around actions in favour of biodiversity and an eco-responsible way of life through numerous projects and actions.

Nature outings, vegetable garden, orchard, apiary, LPO refuge, DIY workshops, zero waste actions, clean walks, car-free days, carpooling….

It also runs the site of the biodiversity trails for walks on the Campus.