The E2Lim laboratory, a research unit of the University of Limoges, brings together leading-edge skills in the field of the environment in various disciplines: chemistry, biology, microbiology, soil sciences and process engineering. The 35 permanent staff provide answers to environmental problems for economic and social players in the field of diagnosis as well as in that of processes. E2Lim is developing in a national and international context where the environment is a priority with the existence of strong partnerships with companies within the framework of research, development or training courses for students and engineering students.  

Research team

The team is made up of about thirty permanent staff (1/3 technical staff and 2/3 teacher-researchers) and about twenty contractual staff (half contractual and half PhD students). Organization chart

Staff directory

Technical support platform

The E2Lim laboratory relies on a complete technical platform composed of 5 poles:

  • Field equipment centre
  • Sample preparation centre
  • Chemical analysis centre
  • Plant biology centre
  • Technical halls and laboratory pilots