10 good reasons to choose the University of Limoges

10 good reasons to choose the University of Limoges

10 good reasons to choose the University of Limoges

The University of Limoges is among the top ten most dynamic French universities in terms of international incoming mobility, with the strongest growth phase in recent years (Gesson report, 2013). Similarly, it encourages and facilitates the mobility of its students and teachers to other university experiences

The dynamic of international exchanges is a deliberate strategy of the University to radiate its fields of excellence and to develop its training and research in line with mainstream thought, science and technology. The University of Limoges is a hub of interaction, with a diverse student population, close-knit teams, training based on research of a very high level and for well-identified opportunities.

With no less than 350 types of degree in a wide variety of fields, the University of Limoges offers many courses, training in English with high potential, graduate schools to promote academic excellence…

The University of Limoges is an important cluster of higher education and multidisciplinary research in an environment more conducive to scientific development. The research centres around four institutes, 22 research teams, a laboratory of excellence (Labex SigmaLim) recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, seven laboratories shared with large companies and eight technical platforms and employs almost 1500 people.

Students at the University of Limoges enjoy a lifestyle that few universities can offer: state of the art sports facilities, a rich cultural offering and a privileged lifestyle combining the energy of a big city of 200,000 inhabitants in a completely natural environment. Students develop in a stimulating environment that provides opportunities and experiences that can help launch them into their professional future with confidence.

Language development centres, like the [Institute of French as a Foreign Language] (Institut du Français Langue Étrangère) IFLE, and a particularly approachable teaching body facilitate the integration of international students and help them find their bearings so as to be able to study better.

In the heart of Europe, Limoges, historical city famous for its crafts and arts of fire, is still as creative, with its Opera, its porcelain, its ceramics, its enamels, its theatres, its festivals, its museums and its art centres. There are more than 20 exhibition halls and 28 cinemas, 5 municipal cultural centres and numerous exhibitions and events.

Bounded by a green ocean, the region is a force of nature. Its forests, its valleys, its great lakes and its wild waters also attract those who appreciate landscapes and those who enjoy adventures and trekking, extreme sports, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, canoeing…anything that feeds the neurones with oxygen!

Limoges is ranked second among medium-sized cities for quality of life, according to several surveys. Real estate prices are still low, despite an exceptional living environment: 50 m² of green space per inhabitant. Limoges is one of the great French cities most integrated with nature!