Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS)


Chartier Thierry – Director
(0033)587 50 23 10


Adress : SPCTS – Centre Européen de la Céramique – 12 Rue Atlantis – 87068 LIMOGES Cedex Atlantis

Administrative SupervisionUniversité de LimogesCNRS

Parent Institute : IPAM

Doctoral School ED 522 – Sciences et Ingénierie en Matériaux, Mécanique, Energétique et Aéronautique (SIMMEA)

Associated Research Masters : Physique et Chimie des Matériaux Hautes Performances Ingénierie des Matériaux Hautes Performances

Professors : 66
CNRS researchers : 13
Other researchers : 2
Accreditated to direct research (HDR)
: 39
Doctoral Students
: 59
Engineers, Technicians
: 26
Administratif staff
: 5

Peer reviewed journal : 359
Books : 1
Book chapters : 13
Thesis defended : 56
Conference presentations : 396
Other : 14

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Current european project National conferences, seminars organized International conferences, seminars organized
Number of patents filed : 10
Number of industrial or research agreements with major organizations
Start-up created as a result of research activities since 2005
Competitiveness clusters with which the laboratory is associatedEuropean Ceramics ClusterElopsys
Joint laboratories : Joint Research Lab with the CEA, Joint Lab with Air Liquide, CILAS


This research unit associated to the French National Research Council (CNRS) includes staff from the University of Limoges and the National Engineering College for Industrial Ceramics (ENSCI). There is a total of around 100 permanent staff who are professors, assistant professors, researchers, engineers, technicians and administratives, and about 100 PhD students and post-doc. The research activity of the various teams is articulated around different disciplines: science and engineering of materials, physico-chemistry of solids, process engineering, thermics, etc. The main purpose of the laboratory is to characterise, understand, control and model/simulate the various steps involved in the elaboration of ceramics and of layers, in order to design components with new or specific properties. The SPCTS includes four main teams: — Ceramic processes, — Plasmas and Lasers Processes — Multi-scale structural analysis of materials, — Ceramics under environmental conditions The SPCTS is a : 1) Member of the Ceramic competitiveness cluster, and Elopsys 2) Partner, with XLIM, of the “Laboratory of Excellence Sigma-Lim” from specific ceramic materials and components to integrated, secured and intelligent communication systems», 3) Member of Research Federation «Matériaux Val de Loire-Limousin» (FR3469)

Research themes

  • Ceramic Processes
  • Plasmas and Lasers Processes
  • Multi-Scale Structural Organisation of Materials
  • Ceramics under environmental conditions


Ceramics ; Biomaterials ; Ecomaterials ; Materials with Controlled Microstructure and Architecture ; Materials with Controlled Porosity ; Nanostructures Materials and Coatings ; High-Temperature Materials ; Materials for Energy and the Environment ; Materials for Technologies of Information and Communication (TIC) ; Solid Chemistry ; Crystallochemistry Modelling ; Ceramic Processes ; Surface Treatment Processes (plasma, flame, CVD, laser ablation, etc.)

Equipment / Technical resources

Production/Manufacturing : CVD, PECVD, laser ablation ;  Plasma spraying ; HP, HIP, SPS ; Powder synthesis using spray pyrolysis, coprecipitation, sol-gel process ; Ceramic shaping

Characterization  : Powder characterization ; Acousto-phoropter, zetameter ; Capillary and rotational rheometer ; Plasma arc and spraying diagnosis ; FTIR and Raman spectrometry, Fluorometry ; AFM ; XPS ; Ellipsometry ; Powder XRD, thin films, single-crystal, small-angle scattering, reflectometry ; SEM + EDX + cryo FEG ; HRTEM + EDX


Active National University Partnerships : UPR 2949, Néel Institute (Grenoble) ; UPR 3079, CEMHTI (Orléans) ; UPR 9048, ICMCB (Bordeaux) ; UMR 5085, CIRIMAT (Toulouse) ; UMR 5615, LMI (Villeurbanne) ; UMR 6172, XLIM (Limoges) ; UMR 6595, IUSTI, (Marseille) ; UMR 7647, LPICM, Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) ; UMR 8578, LPGP (Orsay). Current International University Partnerships : University of Sherbrooke (Canada) ; University of Genoa (Italy) ; Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya (Japan) ; Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) ; Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) ; Academy of Sciences, Institute of Plasma Physics, Prague (Czech Republic) Research Federation : Materials Val de Loire – Limousin (MATV2L) – FR3469

Fields of application

Field of energy (Correspondant laboratory with CEA) Syngas, hydrogen and oxygen (Joint Laboratory with Air Liquide) Space propulsion ; Biomaterials (implants, prosthesis) ; Metallurgy (special refractory materials) ; Optic ; Glaze layers manufactured by a thermal spray route for environmental barriers ; DLC layers manufactured by a vapor deposition route for tribological applications ; Thermal barrier coatings manufactured by a thermal spray route