Master’s 1 International and European Criminal Law


Initial course and ongoing training throughout life


Four years of post-secondary education




The course comprises approximately 530 hours of teaching spread over two semesters.

Course venue

Faculté de Droit et des Sciences économiques Rue Félix Eboué and rue Turgot Limoges Map

Contact details

Course supervisor
Damian Roets


The originality of Master’s 1 International and European Criminal Law is due to the cross-functional legal culture that it requires (publicist and criminal lawyer). The Master’s aims to enable students: – to acquire basic training and thorough methodological knowledge with a view to pursuing further studies in Master’s 2, – to specialise in various aspects of criminal law: general criminal law, special criminal law, criminal procedure, international criminal law, – to acquire knowledge of comparative law.


– Mastery of legal reasoning techniques, – Ability to study permanently and analyse legislation and national and international regulations in the area of private law and criminal law, – Extensive knowledge of international law (public and private), European law (EU and the Council of Europe) and of substantive and procedural criminal law, – Ability to review national, European and international or comparative case law.

Number of ECTS credits: 60


To register for Master’s 1 International and European Criminal Law, students must hold a Bachelor of Law or equivalent qualification following consultation of the file by the teaching staff. A jury shall examine the applications in relation to procedures to validate the professional experience acquired (VES, VAE or VAP).

Registration procedure

Registrations (registration files, transcripts, scholarships, validation of professional experience acquired, etc.)
5 rue Félix Eboué, B.P. 3127
87031 Limoges Cedex 1
Tel. 05 55 14 92 55 or 05 55 14 90 17
Fax 05 55 14 90 01

The course takes place in the form of lectures and tutorials. The lessons are organised into Teaching Units (TU) spread over two semesters: Public international and community law, criminal law,  European and comparative law, private law and criminal law, legal and methodological culture.

Semester 1 International and European Criminal Law

TU Public international and community law credits: 10

Public international law (lectures + tutorials) European Union law

TU Criminal law credits: 14

Private international law (lectures + tutorials) Special Complementary Criminal Law (crimes against property, business criminal law) | Criminal Procedure

TU Legal Culture and Methodology credits: 6

History of political ideas IT English

Semester 2 International and European Criminal Law

TU Public international and community law credits: 10

Public international law (lectures + tutorials) European integration policy

TU European and comparative law credits: 9

Law of the ECHR [European Court of Human Rights] (lectures + tutorials) Comparative law

TU Private law and criminal law credits: 7

Law of associations Complementary criminal law

TU Legal and methodological culture

Law of emerging technologies IT English

Further studies

Possibility of integrating a Master’s 2, especially at the University of Limoges, specialising in  International and European criminal law

Professional integration

– legal careers: judiciary, court, judicial protection of youth, prison administration, lawyer, bailiff, assistant to judges and personnel sitting in international courts, etc. – Class A competition for the national and community public function.