LABEX Σ-LIM aims to answer to the scientific, technological, environmental and societal challenges defined in the National Research Strategy (RS) and in the Horizon Europe plan, by maintaining a basic research at high level and by valorizing the acquired knowledge. The added value brought by this LABEX is undeniable, with the emergence of breakthrough topics at the interface of the disciplines of the two laboratories, increased scientific production and valorization.



LABEX Σ-LIM aims to develop innovative state of the art projects at the international level. This research support is achieved through the recruitment of PhD students, post-doctoral students, the development of development of breakthrough projects (maturation, etc.) and by promoting the research carried out.  


Development of partnerships with industry and large organizations

Thanks to an excellent regional and national socio-economic environment, Σ-LIM can rely on high-performance structures in terms of project detection, creation of start-ups and support for patents: competitiveness clusters (Ceramic and Alpha-RLH), transfer centers (CISTEME, CTTC, CITRA ), AVRUL (University Valorization), SPV (CNRS Valorization), joint laboratories with companies, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine.

LABEX / Companies Days

The LABEX / Companies Days are organized twice a year and are intended to bring together the various economic actors, companies, and researchers around a scientific theme of the LABEX.


The target is to contribute to guarantee the excellence of the curricula, through innovative interdisciplinary courses of high level and the promotion of the international mobility of students. The interdisciplinary and in-depth courses promoted by LABEX are included in the Graduate School Ceramic & ICT–(TACTIC), which offers training of Excellence in the fields of Ceramics & Information and Communication Technologies.

Sigma Tech Days

Sigma Tech Days Workshops, major events of the LABEX, actively participates to its training policy. Open to researchers, PhD and post-doctoral students, they are organized once a year on one of LABEX’s flagship themes.