Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets up every months. It ensures the management of the LabEx, is in charge of the implementation of the scientific and valorization programs, and makes proposal to the Steering Committee in terms of scientific strategy, actions and budget to take the relevant decisions.

The Executive Committee is composed of the LabEx Director, , the 2 Directors of partner laboratories IRCER and XLIM, one animator of each flagship and the 2 LabEx scientific and administrative/communication engineers.

The Research deputy chairmen of the University of Limoges and the director of the Graduate School TACTIC are invited at each Executive Committee.


Frédéric Dumas-Bouchiat

Director of the LABEX ∑-LIM – Professor at the University of Limoges in the Physics Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Limoges – IRCER

Frédéric works on the development of plasma processes for the synthesis of layered materials, on the realisation of these materials in correlation with the understanding of the properties of micro/nanostructured matter and on the design of innovative micro-devices integrating these specific materials. As a specialist in thin film materials, laser ablation deposition and nanotechnologies related to information and communications, his research concerns range from the most fundamental research to its applications, mainly technological.

Flagships managers

  • Doing more with less energy: Bernard Ratier (XLIM) and Fabrice Rossignol (IRCER)

  • Going beyond 5G: Pierre Blondy (XLIM) and Frédéric Dumas-Bouchiat (IRCER)

  • Bringing a new light on photonics: Vincent Couderc (XLIM) and Rémy Boulesteix (IRCER)

  • Promoting health with advanced diagnostics and therapies: Eric Champion (IRCER) and Philippe Leproux (XLIM)