The LABEX ∑-LIM ” From specific ceramic materials and components to integrated, secured and smart communicating systems ” is supported by two join research units of the University of Limoges and the CNRS, IRCER and XLIM, and associated to two competitiveness clusters, the ALPHA RLH cluster and the European Ceramics Cluster.

In its phase 2, launched on January 1, 2020, the LABEX Σ-LIM aims to answer to scientific, technological, environmental and societal challenges defined in the National Research Strategy (SNR) as well as in the Horizon Europe  plan, by maintaining a basic research at high level and valorizing the knowledge acquired.


The core scientific domain of its ambition covers the following 4 flagship programs including 9 scientific challenges:


Going beyond 5G

Challenge 1:
Advanced design methods 3D integrated RF front-ends

Challenge 2:
Materials and devices for THz sub-systems

Challenge 3:
Security and interoperability of systems beyond 5G


Promoting health with advanced diagnostics and therapies


Challenge 1:
Biomaterials and electromagnetic waves for health applications

Challenge 2:
Biomaterials, bio-photonics and imaging for diagnosis


Bringing a new
light on photonics

Challenge 1:
Development of new bulk glass-ceramic

Challenge 2:
Developments in the field of optical fibers



Doing more with
less energy


Challenge 1:
Energy and sustainable development

Challenge 2:
Energy and advanced monitoring