Dr. Eugene Roginskii, Guest Professor at the LABEX ∑-LIM

From October 4th to November 4th, 2021, the LABEX ∑-LIM has the honor to host as guest professor, the Dr. Eugene Roginskii.

Dr. Roginskii, Research Fellow at the Ioffe Institute (Saint Petersburg, Russia), is a specialist of both ab initio and DFT calculations. He obtained a Master’s degree in Physics from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in 2002, and then completed his thesis entitled “Lattice dynamics, phase transitions and dynamics, phase transitions and nanoclusters of pure and mixed monovalent mercury halide crystals mercury halide crystals” at the Ioffe Institute in 2007. Since 2017, he is also an associate professor at St. Petersburg State University.

The visit of Dr Roginskii is incorporated within the framework of a long collaboration between IRCER and Ioffe Institute. During his stay in Limoges, Dr Roginskii made a presentation for Ph.D. students (theoretical and experimental study of GaN/AlN short period superlattice develop by molecular beam epitaxy). He also attend to several meetings and presented his research activities to some IRCER’s members. Dr Roginskii also took part in the development of new method for simulating NLO properties of amorphous materials using previous results of glass models obtained by MD calculations.