Protocol introduced in 2009


Principal investigator: Prof. Sophie Alain

Promotor: University Hospital of Limoges

Principal objective: Assess the national prevalence of CMV excretion in 3 months to 6 years old children attending daycare during a week.

Secondary objective:

  • Evaluate the array of all genotypes of all the different CMV strains
  • Evaluate the eventual correlation between the CMV excretion and lifestyle and habits of the day-care center.
  • Evaluate the possible link between CMV excretion and clinical manifestation in children.
  • Measure saliva humoral immune response through IgG and IgA antibody titters.

Describing the epidemiology of CMV strains behind infection in mothers will enable future vaccine strategies evaluation to be simplified. The description of circulating strains will allow comparing circulating viral strains identified among attendees of French day-care center between 3 months to 6 years old with the vaccine strains (strains used for live attenuated vaccine). Epidemiology and characteristics of CMV infections in children in day-care setting.