About CNR-Herpesvirus

The National Reference Centers (CNR)  brings about solutions to challenges caused by infectious agents.

In order to achieve its missions in surveilling infectious diseases, Santé publique France has a network of 44 CNRs (article L 1413-3 of French Health Care Code).

CNRs are laboratories implanted in public or private, educative or research health care institutes. The French Health Ministry appoints them for 5 years following propositions from Santé Publique France.

For more details, please visite InVS web site.

The CNR works in hand with the Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS), which participates in its budget funding. Its mission consist in:
  1.  takin part in collecting epidemiological data informing Herpesvirus accountability in different pathology,

  2. participating in developing innovative diagnostic and epidemiological techniques and and broadcasting,

    help other laboratories in diagnosing of maternofatal/neonatal Herpesvirus infections and in confirming these diagnosis,

  3.  studying Herpesvirus and antiviral resistance genetic support
  4. designing guidelines on how to handle infected patients.

These studies are synthetized in an annual activity report addressed to InVS.

Organization chart


Sophie3-cadrePr Sophie ALAIN,
Coordonating Doctor

Biologist doctor – Bacteriology/Virology/Hygiene service of the CHU of Limoges
Supervisor of the Biology Resources Centre CRBioLim « Bacteriology, Virology, Hygiene »
Tel: +33 (0)5 55 05 67 28
e-mail :sophie.alain@chu-limoges.fr

Francoise3cadreFrançoise GARNIER,
Biology Clinical Research Associate & Coordonnatrice

Doctor of Science
Tel: +33 (0) 5 55 05 67 26
e-mail: francoise.garnier@chu-limoges.fr

Elodie3cadreElodie RIBOT,
Clinical Research Associate

Doctor of Science
tel : +33 (5) 5 55 05 69 71
e-mail: elodie.ribot@chu-limoges.fr


Sébastien3cadreDoctor Sébastien HANTZ,
Supervising doctor


Biologist Doctor – Bacteriology/Virology/Hygiene service of the CHU of Limoges
Tel: +33 (
0) 5 55 05 86 42
e-mail: sebastien.hantz@unilim.fr

Eliza3cadreEliza MUNTEANU,
Clinical Research Associate


Doctor of Science
Tel: +33 (0) 5 55 05 69 71

e-mail: eliza.munteanu@chu-limoges.fr

melissa3cadreMélissa GOMES,


Tel: +33 (0) 5 55 05 21 40
e-mail: melissa.gomes@etu.unilim.frfr

Traduction du site Web CNR Herpesvirus du français vers l’anglais par:

Cecilia Walanga

Traductrice: Français Anglais Espagnol 

Tel: +33 6 65 08 85 16

e-mail: ceciliawalanga1@gmail.com



The Laboratory of Virology cooperates with the prenatal diagnosis unit at Necker Hospital Maternity that offers specialized weakly appointments for pregnant women with CMV primary infection (Appointment with Prof. Yves Ville) and Neotalalogy Service which offers specialized weakly appointments in children with congenital CMV monitoring (Appointments with Dr Jean François Magny).

photo marianneDr Marianne LERUEZ-VILLE ,

tel : +33 1 44 49 49 62/07
fax : +33 1 44 49 49 60
email: marianne.leruez@aphp.fr

Virologist clinician in the clinical microbiology laboratory at Necker Hospital, in France, for sick children since 2000.

Dr Leruez-Ville participates in diagnosis, patient care and research on CMV congenital infection. She provides expertise, interpreting CMV serology and reflects pregnancy, prenatal diagnostic making from amniotic fluid and retrospective diagnosic in children using Guthrie cards.

Dr Leruez-Ville received national funds to conduct several studies aiming at improving knowledge on epidemiology and the impact of congenital CMV infection in France.


tel : +33 1 44 49 49 62 /62 37
fax : +33 1 44 49 49 60
email: tiffany.guilleminot@aphp.fr

Research technician in the clinical microbiology laboratory at Necker Hospital-Sick children since 2006, fully dedicated to CNR-CMV activities.

She supervises the design and making of several diagnosing methods of CMV infection on a daily basis. She also handles the samples received for clinical research studies.

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