Articles récents – Recent papers





*  Emil Ernst,  Michel Théra, Michel Volle,  Self-Equilibrated Sets and Functions in Dual Vector Spaces: Two Boundedness Criteria Article (PDF)


*  Emil Ernst,  Michel Théra, On the Necessity of the Moreau-Rockafellar- Robinson Qualification Condition in Banach Spaces  Article (PDF)


*  M. Ait Mansour, N. Popovici,  M. Théra, On Directed Sets and their Suprema Article (PDF)


*  Samir Adly, Emil Ernst,  Michel Théra, Stability in Frictional Unilateral Elasticity Revisited: an Application of the Theory of Semi-Coercive Variational Inequalities Article (PDF)


*   Emil Ernst,  Michel Théra, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of a Global Maximum for Convex Functions in Reflexive Banach Spaces Article (PDF)


*   Emil Ernst, Michel Théra,  Global Maximum of a Convex Function: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions Article (PDF)


*   M. Ait Mansour, C. Malivert, M. Théra, On the Semicontinuity of Vector-Valued Mappings Article (PDF)