• Dense, deep learning-based intracranial aneurysm detection on TOF MRI using two-stage regularized U-Net
    Frédéric Claux, Maxime Baudouin, Clément Bogey, Aymeric Rouchaud
    Journal of Neuroradiology
    slides doi paper page


  • A New Content-Based Image Retrieval System Using Deep Visual Features
    Mohamed Hamroun, Karim Tamine, Frédéric Claux, Mourad Zribi
    International Journal of Image and Graphics


  • Ribbed support vaults for 3D printing of hollowed objects
    Thibault Tricard, Frédéric Claux, Sylvain Lefebvre
    Computer Graphics Forum
    doi HAL paper page


  • Glint Rendering Based on a Multiple-Scattering Patch BRDF
    Xavier Chermain, Frédéric Claux, Stéphane Mérillou
    Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2019)
    paper page


  • A Microfacet based BRDF for the accurate and efficient rendering of high definition specular normal maps
    Xavier Chermain, Frédéric Claux, Stéphane Mérillou
    The Visual Computer 2018
    doi paper page

  • HCSG: Hashing for real-time CSG modeling
    Cédric Zanni, Frédéric Claux, Sylvain Lefebvre
    ACM I3D 2018
    pdf doi paper page


  • Tight printable enclosures for additive manufacturing
    Samuel Hornus, Sylvain Lefebvre, Jérémie Dumas, Frédéric Claux
    GraDiFab 2016, Eurographics Workshop On Graphics For Digital Fabrication


  • Modeling and Toolpath Generation for Consumer-Level 3D Printing
    Quynh Dinh, Filipp Gelman (MakerBot Industries), Sylvain Lefebvre, Frédéric Claux (Inria)
    SIGGRAPH 2015 Course

  • Raster2Mesh: Rasterization based CVT meshing
    Jonàs Martinez, Frédéric Claux, Sylvain Lefebvre
    Inria Research Report RR-8684, February 2015
    pdf video proof-of-concept source code

  • Chained segment offsetting for ray-based solid representations
    Jonàs Martinez, Samuel Hornus, Frédéric Claux, Sylvain Lefebvre
    Computer & Graphics, 46(0), Proceedings of Shape Modeling International 2014, 2015
    HAL paper page video


  • Rendu interactif de modèles B-Rep sur GPU
    Frédéric Claux
    Thèse de doctorat, Université de Toulouse, 2014

  • Crack-free rendering of dynamically tesselated B-Rep models
    Frédéric Claux, Loïc Barthe, David Vanderhaeghe, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Mathias Paulin
    Computer Graphics Forum, 33(2), Proceedings of Eurographics, Strasbourg, 2014
    pdf video


  • Une structure de découpe efficace pour l’affichage de grands modèles B-Rep
    Frédéric Claux, David Vanderhaeghe, Loïc Barthe, Mathias Paulin, Jean-Pierre Jessel, David Croenne
    AFIG - Calais, France, 2012

  • An Efficient Trim Structure for Rendering Large B-Rep Models
    Frédéric Claux, David Vanderhaeghe, Loïc Barthe, Mathias Paulin, Jean-Pierre Jessel, David Croenne
    Vision, Modeling and Visualization - Magdeburg, Germany, 2012
    paper, supplemental and video