During high school, in my teenage years (1989-1992), I used to do a lot of coding on an Atari ST microcomputer.

During that time, I have been a member of an Atari ST demo group called Future Minds. Some time in 1992 we organized a coding party (Snork, pictures below). A mega demo had been released following the party. Parties were events meant to spend time together (and compete with one another!).

The ST was a great computer based on a 8-Mhz, Motorola MC68000 microprocessor.

You will find videos of some of the screens (that I managed to recompile and run!) at this Youtube link. The full source code of some of my screens (including some screens not showing up in the Youtube link) is located here. All sources can be compiled with the Devpac 68000 assembler.

The Atari ST demoscene is depicted in three books from Microzeit, which I highly recommend: Breakin' the borders (browsing the book video here), Beyond the borders, and Return of the borders. A book specifically dedicated to the cracking scene on the Atari ST during the late 80’s and early 90’s is also available: link video.


Old stuff fm

Old stuff fm1

Old stuff fm2

Old stuff fm3