Last update 25 July 2022

Trayectorias Humanas Trascontinentales is the scientific digital journal of the International Network Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean (ALEC) “Territories, Vulnerable Populations and Public Policies” whose headquarters are at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the University of Limoges (France).

The interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of the publications in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English contributes to the creation of knowledge and knowledge networks that address different aspects of social, economic, political, cultural, scientific, environmental, legal and educational in the American, African and European continents based on innovative approaches and themes in connection with research carried out within the ALEC network, namely:

  • Education, emancipation and inclusion of indigenous populations (native, earliest populations).
  • Effects of vulnerability and precariousness in educational, health, social and environmental matters.
  • Resilience, Empowerment, Public Policies.
  • Conflicts, Violence (s), Territory (s), Poverty.
  • Gender relations.