Sigma-Tech Days 2017 in images

When forefront research in materials science meets future challenges in photonics

was the theme of the second edition of the “Σ-Tech Days” conferences cycle which has been held from 19 to 23 June 2016 at the Green St. Lazare, Limoges, France.

The “Σ-Tech Days” is intended to be an international gathering in Limoges, supported by research laboratories XLIM and SPCTS via LabEx Σ-lim, leading international specialists in a domain. This event will serve as a forum to establish a snapshot of the academic landscape and industrial internationally on targeted research area and act as a fertilizer to confront everyone’s ideas and allow the emergence of new ideas.

The 2017 edition of the “Σ-Tech Days” conference is managed by the University of Limoges and is built in close collaboration with many partners such as the Limousin Region, competitiveness clusters and PEC ELOPSYS, ICC Limousin, the AVRUL the Foundation partnership …


Centre Européen de la Céramique - 12 Rue Atlantis
87068 Limoges - France