Agenda 2021

Tuesday Oct. 5th

Welcome & opening speech by Thierry Chartier (Director of LABEX Σ-Lim, IRCER, CNRS, University of Limoges, France)

Coffee break & networking

Calcium phosphates: from biominerals to biomaterials by Christophe Drouet (CIRIMAT, CNRS, University of Toulouse, France)

Nanoscale imaging of (live) biological tissues by super-resolution localization microscopy by Laurent Cognet (LP2N, CNRS, University of Bordeaux, France)

Artificial intelligence analysis of multimodal NMR data for binary glioma grade discrimination by Paul Dequidt (XLIM, CNRS, University of Poitiers, France)

Artificial intelligence and medical imaging by Mathieu Naudin (University hospital of Poitiers, LabCOM I3M, France)

Coffee break, networking & poster session

 Social event: cultural event, city of Limoges

Wednesday Oct. 6th

Engineering of living tissue exploiting innovative biomaterials and processes by Rainer Detsch (LASIR, CNRS, University of Erlangen, Germany)

Coffee break & networking

A glimpse of neuronal structures by Philippe Carré and Thierry Urruty (XLIM, CNRS, University of Limoges, France)

Visualizing living cells without staining and labeling: nonlinear Raman spectroscopic approach to life sciences by Hideaki Kano (Kyushu University, Japon)

Linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy techniques in (bio)materials by Vincent Rodriguez, (ISM, CNRS, University of Bordeaux, France)

Coffee break, networking & poster session

Lab tour XLIM Company tour

Thursday Oct. 7th

Biointerfaces or how living objects interact with materials? by Karine Anselme (IS2M, CNRS, UHA Mulhouse, France)

 Coffee break & networking

Chemometrics in the framework of spectroscopic imaging by Ludovic Duponchel (LASIR, CNRS, University of Lille, France)

Biomaterials applications in surgery by Joel Brie (University hospital of Limoges, France)

Is the brain a good model for artificial intelligence? by Frédéric Alexandre (Inria Bordeaux, France)

Perspectives of the LABEX Σ-Lim & closing speech by Thierry Chartier, Eric Champion & Philippe Leproux (LABEX Σ-Lim, CNRS, University of Limoges, France)

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