Center West Sociological Research and Study Group (GRESCO)
EA 3815

Center West Sociological Research and Study Group (GRESCO)
EA 3815


Choukri BEN AYED – Director
Tel. : + 33 (0)5 43 56 00

Adress : FLSH – 39E, Rue Camille-Guérin
87036 Limoges


Bi-site : Poitiers-Limoges

Administrative SupervisionUniversité de Limoges  – Université de Poitiers
Parent Institute : SHS

Associated Research Master : Problémes Sociaux et Enquête Sociologique
Doctoral School : ED 526 – Sociétés et organisations

Key figures ( 31/12/2015)

Professors : 27
Other researchers : 3
Accreditated to direct research (HDR) : 10
Doctoral Students : 10

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The GRESCO focuses on 3 research areas :

“Development and certifications: sociology of learning” : Here we take an interest in learning processes, mechanisms and systems within structures (schools, training centres, businesses, etc.), which validate and certify learning and, on a wider level, within traditional socialization spheres (families, districts, community groups, businesses, jobs, etc.); logically-speaking, this area comprises the analysis of development paths that the phases of any learning impose on individuals and groups that the individual is involved in. • “Professionalization, expertise and reforms: sociology of categories and classifications” : The study of categories and classifications is a fundamental approach of sociology and is distinctly in line with the Durkheimian orientation (categories and classifications as institutions). It reflects on naturalized categories by questioning the conditions of their invention and their institutionalization on the one hand and, on the other hand, by reflecting on cognitive and political representation work and its effects of constituting social groups and social issues. • “Cultures, territories and inequalities: sociology of social spaces” : The core issue of this area can be found at the point where cultures, territories and inequalities meet. The idea of culture is addressed here in its polysemy: it refers just as much to issues on cultural practices, appropriation and identification as to the analysis of cultural policies. The idea of territory is also envisaged here in a wider sense. Territory is in particular viewed in terms of demographic modifications, which affect its social composition, its activities, its development and its representations.

Research themes

Learning Processes and Social Inequalities Social Knowledge : categories of thought, categories of action Cultures, Territories, Collective Solidarity


Learning Higher Education Lifelong Development Professionalization Reforms Experts Rurality Public Utilities Culture Heritage

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