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Epidemiology of Cardiovascular disease in Gaza Strip- Palestine: Prevalence, risk factors

Like other countries an epidemiological transition has occurred in Palestine, the leading cause of death in Palestinian community is Non-communicable disease(NCDs) forming 50% of all deaths. Cardiovascular disease(CVDs), is the first cause for Palestinian death (29.5%,) followed by Cancer (14.2%), Cerebral vascular accidents (11.3%) and Diabetes (8.9%).

Epidemiological studies of Cardio vascular risk factors and CVDs in Palestine is underestimated, there are no available data to suggest the prevalence or incidence, of CVDs mainly, we depend on mortality data from the different health centers.

In 2010-2011 a Steps survey of chronic disease risk factors in Palestine, was done, and showed that: In age group 15-64 years, the percentage of smoker account for (20.2%), obesity (26.8%), Hypertension (35.8%), Diabetes (8.5%) and (47.8 %) have more than 3 risk factors.

Our study will be done in Gaza strip in different areas (urban and rural), includes all adult male and females aged 25 years and more, (50.3% of the total Gaza strip population) the study will be conducted in accordance with WHO`s steps approach to surveillance of NCDs and Risk factors.

The objectives of our study are to estimate the prevalence of CVDs (Stroke, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease) and associated risk factors, to examine the evolution of risk Factors in comparison with Steps survey 2010-2011 and to estimate the prevalence of people having high overall 10 years CVD risk using Framingham global CV risk score in our population.

During this course of thesis, I wish to demonstrate reliable, effective and important relevant data on cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors in Gaza strip, to be used for further intervention in state of Palestine.

Key words: Epidemiology, Cardiovascular disease, Risk factors, Gaza, Palestine

[Septembre 2016 – décembre 2019]

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