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Socio-economics of sport – A critical analysis

Jean-François Bourg 
et Jean-Jacques Gouguet

EAN électronique : 9782842878764
EAN (PDF) : 9782842878771
EAN (Édition imprimée) : 9782842878610

Collection : Droit et Économie du Sport

Nombre de pages 236

Publié en ligne le 08 novembre 2023
Année d’édition : 2023

Sport has become omnipresent in our daily lives, which justifies a critical analysis of the socio-economic stakes it represents: are football players paid too much? How much do the Olympic Games cost? Is European football bankrupt? Is sport good for your health? Are we running out of volunteers? Is professional sport rigged? Beyond its economic dimension, it is essential to improve the consideration of the social dimension of sport, whose total value goes far beyond its market value. As the traditional instruments of orthodox economic calculation are ill-suited, a socio-economic analysis of sport is needed. In 8 chapters and 43 short articles, this book offers a synthesis of knowledge with a presentation of the problems and controversies raised, also referring to numerous examples from field studies.


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