What is valorisation?

According to the Conseil National d’Évaluation de l’Enseignement Supérieur (National Council for the Evaluation of Higher Education), valorisation is the process of “making research results, knowledge and skills usable or marketable“. Its aim is therefore to increase the value of research results in order to guarantee their impact on the socio-economic world.

As stated in the Research Code (Article L111-1), commercialising the results of research is an integral part of the researcher’s mission.

Technology transfer helps to build bridges at different levels: from invention to innovation, from the laboratory to the market (via licence or start-up), or even to create relationships with the socio-economic world.


What is the role of a Research and Technology Development Officer?

Stéphanie Durand-Panteix’s role is to support CRIBL researchers in the various stages of technology transfer:

  • marking out the path to value enhancement
  • create relationships between the players involved in valorisation (AVRUL, Inserm Transfert, SPVR, etc…) and the laboratory’s researchers
  • provide expertise (intellectual property, patent registration, etc.)
  • supporting researchers to bring projects to fruition
  • promote the projects and their teams


Innovation: a priority supported by the development of research and higher education