Created in 2001 by Michel Cogné, the laboratory was named Molecular Physiology of the Immune Response and Lymphoproliferations (PMRIL) – UMR CNRS 6101. It was renamed UMR CNRS 7276 – Control of the Immune B Response and Lymphoproliferations (CRIBL) in 2012 and finally obtained the INSERM label from January 2019 under the title UMR CNRS 7276 INSERM 1262 CRIBL. The CRIBL laboratory is part of the OmegaHealth Institute which gathers all the research teams active in the fields of Biology, Health, Chemistry and Environment in Limoges. Its location on the Health Campus favors interactions and complementarities between clinical and fundamental work. One of the strong points is the complementarity of the immunological and hematological approaches carried out by the teams making up the unit.

The unit is directed by Eric Pinaud assisted by Nathalie Faumont and Fatouma Touré as assistant directors and includes 3 research teams:

  • Team 2MB2C led by Jean Feuillard,
  • Team B-NATION led by Eric Pinaud,
  • Team BioPIC led Christophe Sirac et Laurent Delpy.


The research work of the laboratory is devoted to the study of the B cell line, in particular through the study of the molecular and cellular regulations that control its development and homeostasis, both in physiology and in pathology.

The 3 teams maintain strong links because of the complementarity of their research projects and the technical means they have at their disposal to respond to the various problems.