OmegaHealth Institute New Entrants Day

5 March 2024


OmegaHealth’s welcome day: Health and Safety training

Open to all students and staff at Master 2 level and above.

Register with your department’s Prevention Assistant.


Join the OmegaHealth Institute’s Health, Safety and Prevention team for a presentation on the various risks faced by students and staff in the Biology, Chemistry and Health research units at the University of Limoges:

  • Emmanuel Varin (University of Limoges Prevention Department)
  • Karine Vuillier (Prevention and Regulations Officer, University of Limoges)
  • Aurélie Lévèque (Prevention Assistant, Campus Santé Marcland)
  • Claire Carrion (Prevention assistant, CRIBL laboratory)
  • Christelle Oblet (Radiation safety and L2 facility referent, CRIBL laboratory)
  • Nathalie Duprat (L2 facility referent, EpiMAct laboratory)
  • Magali Sage (BISCEm division manager)

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