Tropical Neuroepidemiology (NET)


Preux Pierre-Marie – Director
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Adress : Faculté de Médecine – Institut d’Epidémiologie Neurologique et de Neurologie Tropicale – 2 rue du Docteur Marcland – 87025 Limoges Cedex

Administrative SupervisionUniversité de LimogesINSERM

Parent Institute : GEIST

Doctoral School : ED523 – GAY LUSSAC « Sciences pour l’Environnement »

Associated Research Master Neuroépidémiologie et Parasitologie TropicalesZoonoses et environnement

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Engineers, Technicians : 6
Administratif staff : 6

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Current national project : 2
Other projects : AXA, SANOFI…
National conferences, seminars organized : 4
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The “Tropical Neuroepidemiology” Unit from the Tropical Neurology Institute of Limoges is the only team in Europe that carries out tropical neuroepidemiology research and, as such, its expertise is acknowledged in this field. The epidemiological transition in tropical countries, the existence of specific environmental and genetic factors and the consequences of neurological affections for public health, justify the development of research programmes in these regions of the world. In the project proposed, the team focuses on a mutual objective : the epidemiology of neurological affections or with neurological consequences in tropical zones. The study of dementia is a major line of research of this project. The development of tools in temperate zones and the acquisition of research projects provide the opportunity to assess the epidemiological indicators of dementia and related syndromes and to compare them between urban and rural areas, to study risk factors and to determine the neuropsychological profiles of dementia subjects. The study of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis begins in tropical zones and a cohort of incident cases will be established through the Tropical NeuroEpidemiological Network (NET@work). Research on epilepsy is advancing towards developing response and care management strategies. Work on neuroparasitosis is totally focused on toxoplasmosis. The molecular epidemiology theme continues and is currently

Research themes

Neuroepidemiology, Tropical Neurology ; Neuroparasitology ; Biodiversity ; Epilepsy in the tropical zone ; Dementia and Cognitive ; Disorders in the tropical zone ; Toxoplasmosis


Epidemiology ; Neurology ; Tropical Diseases ; Public Health ; Epilepsy ; Dementia ; Psychiatry ; Parasitology ; Biodiversity ; Toxoplasmosis


Active National University Partnerships : Centre Inserm U897 Bordeaux, Inserm U744 Lille, CNRS UMR5558, Biometry and Evolutive Biology Laboratory, Villeurbanne, EA 3800, University of Reims, Pasteur Institute, IRD Montpellier, GEMI Unit, French Ministry for Agriculture, France, UMR 5163 CNRS (Adaptation and Pathogenesis of Micro-organisms-Grenoble) University of the French West Indies and Guiana
Current International University Partnerships :
EURALS Consortium (European Research Consortium on ALS). Department of Parasitic Disease Epidemiology, Malaria Research and Training Centre, Bamako, Mali. Franceville International Medical Research Centre, Gabon.Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department, University of Oklahoma, USA. Parasitology Department, Libreville, Gabon. Department of Preventive and Family Medicine, University of California, San Diego, USA. Institute of Francophone Countries for Tropical Medicine (AUF – Association of Francophone Universities), Vientiane, Laos. Antwerp Tropical Medicine Institute, Belgium. Institute of Neurology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico. Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland. National Public Health Laboratory, Brazzaville, Congo. Scientific Institute of Public Health, National Reference Centre for Toxoplasmosis, Engelandstraat, Brussels, Belgium. Neuroepidemiology Section, Institute of Neurology, Montevideo, Uruguay. Neuroepidemiology Unit, Department of Neurology, Catania, Italy. Neuroepidemiology Unit, University of Bari, Italy. University of Washington, Missouri, USA. University of Tennessee, USA.
National Industrial Partnerships :
Sanofi – Access to Medicine Department

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Health, pharmaceutical, bio-industry