Find accomodation

Find accommodation

A specific system

The University of Limoges has booked 250 units of accommodation with CROUS de Limoges (an organisation that manages the university residences and restaurants). You may take advantage of one of these units of accommodation if you are:

  • doctoral candidate
  • at the Master’s or engineering student level, as part of an international partnership degree (signed agreement) or an internationalisation process of the course (student appointed by the course supervisor)
  • participating in an exchange programme such as the Erasmus and N+I programmes
  • permitted to register for a course at the University of Limoges as part of an internationalisation process and require additional training in FLE (DU LCF)
  • welcomed as part of the national ADIUT programme
  • a student engineer recruited through competition based on qualifications, or the competitive examination, Concours Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles

In the cases cited above, the University of Limoges will act as guarantor for you with CROUS. To apply, please fill out this form by 30 June. Your application will be processed by the International Welcome Office. We will respond to you very quickly so that you may organise your stay.


Applications should be made as soon as possible, before 30 June for the following academic year, and will be processed subject to availability. After this date, applications made will no longer be prioritised!

Alternative solutions

If you have not received university accommodation, we offer these alternatives:


The university accommodation (CROUS) offers you:

  • Room: 10m² with en-suite shower and toilet – EUR 245 per month (indicative price)
  • Studio: 20m²- EUR 370 per month (indicative price)

And also … The following offer privately