International conference « Sport Literature Association »


Thomas Bauer

Associate Professor – University of Limoges (France)


Scientific Committee

Julian Meldon d’Arcy – Prof., Univeristy of Iceland (Island)

Mark Baumgartner – Asso. Prof., East Tennessee State University (USA)

Dave Day – Prof., Manchester Metropolitan University (England)

Paul Dietschy – Prof., University of Franche-Comté (France)

Joyce Duncan – Editor – East Tennessee State University (USA)

Duncan Jamieson – Prof., Ashland University (USA)

Jean-François Loudcher – Prof., University of Bordeaux (France)

Frederick Mason – Asso. Prof., University of New Brunswick (Canada)

Jacques Migozzi – Prof., University of Limoges (France)

Timothy Morris – Prof., University of Texas Arlington (USA)

Mark Noe – Prof. Pennsylvania College of Technology (USA)

Scott Peterson – Asso. Prof., University of Missouri- St. Louis (USA)

Michelle Sanders – Asso. Prof., Abilene Christian University (USA)

Michele Schiavone – Asso. Prof., Marshall University (USA)

Ron Smith – Prof., St. Christopher’s School (USA)

Harry Stoneback – Prof., State University of New York (USA)

Thierry Terret– Former Rector, Ministerial Delagate of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 (France)

Christian Vivier – Prof., University of Franche-Comté (France)

Bertrand Westphal – Prof., University of Limoges (France)


Organizing Committee

Alexandre Ayrault – PhD Candidate, EHIC, University of Limoges (France)

Céline Bilot – Ma Student, University of Limoges (France)

Cerise Coste – Ma Student, University of Limoges (France)

Mokhtar Essafi – PhD Candidate, OMIJ-CDES, University of Limoges (France)

Lucie Falcone – PhD Candidate, EHIC, University of Limoges (France)

Hugo Gerville-Réache – Ma Student, University of Limoges (France)

Tristan Ireson-Howells – PhD, Canterbury Christ Church University (England)

Maxence Leconte – PhD Candidate and Assistant Instructor at the French and Italian Department, University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Siyao Lin – Ma Student, University of Limoges (France)

Hannah Matthews-Clay – BA Student, University of Limoges (France)

Dieke Smid – MA Student, University of Limoges (France)
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